How to Tell If Your Software Will Run on a Refurbished Computer

Did you know that the price of a refurbished computer could be 30-50% cheaper than a new model?

Many people hold prejudices regarding refurbished computers but actually, they can be as good as they sound! Why do companies class computers as refurbished?

The customer returned the computer, the manufacturer corrected any flaws, but they are unable to class it as new. Or perhaps the machine failed the manufacturers testing and they reconstructed it.

Another reason could be that a customer ordered the computer, the machine did not display any problems, but they canceled the order and returned the machine.

You may be dependant on your computer running specific software for your company. How can you be sure that a refurbished computer can handle it?

Will the Hardware Support the Software?

There is a myth that companies sell refurbished computers when they have reached the end of their lives. This is by no means true. If a person purchases one from a refurbishing company with a proven track record, the computer could be far from the end of its life.

The refurbishing company may change the hard drive, memory, battery and any worn parts such as the keyboard. You could be purchasing a computer with brand new tested main parts.

Is your software guaranteed to work on it? You will need to check the same parameters as with a new computer. Is there sufficient RAM? Is the hard drive large enough, does the CPU run at a sufficient speed?

These simple questions will tell you if it”s hardware can run your software.

Will the Operating System Support the Software?

To answer this question you will need to know what operating system the software requires. After this, you will be in a position to select your refurbished machine.

For example, your software may run optimally on Windows 10. In this case, you will need to select a refurbished machine that meets the requirements for running Windows 10.

It may be possible to upgrade a machine with an older operating system installed. However, this may limit the useful life of the machine.

Your refurbished machine should meet the hardware specifications and run the operating system that your software needs. If it does, you will likely be able to run your software on the machine.

How Long Will a Refurbished Computer Last?

Refurbished computers often come with an extensive warranty. This gives confidence in the quality of the product. So the short answer is that it will last as least as long as the warranty, but likely much longer.

Providers of new and refurbished desktop computers want to provide a product that reflects well on their reputation. Therefore it is unlikely that you will purchase a poor quality computer that requires you to make use of the warranty immediately.

Refurbished Computer Products and Much More

If you want to purchase a refurbished computer, you are looking for a high performing machine at a premium price. You will get a machine that performs comparably to professional new machines, but at a lower price.

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