How to Use QR Codes for Your Event {best Tricks}

The QR Code is a two-dimensional variant of the barcode, know from package bundling in the grocery store/market. It was created for procedure improvement in the codification of items and now it is used everywhere. The QR code has discovered its way into portable showcasing with the broad reception of mobile phones. QR means Quick Response when you scan a QR code in your phone it responds quickly.

Nowadays it is mostly used for payment from mobile phones, and when people use QR codes it saves their time because it quick responds. Creating QR code is very easy and simple you can create it by visiting any website which creates QR codes like Oysso. This article talks about QR codes and after reading this article you will get an idea about it.

How to use QR codes to promote your event?

Promotion is a key part of event management, and it is very important. Even if you are organizing a world-class event, if the promotion or market strategies go wrong, no one will turn up. Promotion is very important for every event and promotion can make an event successful. There are so many event planning professionals who use QR code to promote their event, they use every tool to promote their event. You can use your QR codes on your brochure for promoting your event because when they scan it they will get all information about your event.

Where to use

As above mentioned QR codes will help your events and it will promote your event and it will help you in market and planning the event. You can use your QR code on following things:

  • You can print your QR code on your events brochure so the people can scan it from the brochure. There are many benefits of using a QR code of your event on your printed brochure, people can easily scan it and access the latest news about your event. You can mention your QR code in your printed collateral so people access it.
  • If you are promoting your event by advertisement on board hoarding, bus advertisement, train, or any large-format advertising then you should include a QR code on these advertisements so people can access it quickly for further information. When they scan it they will get all information about your event and will get information about the website, you can also link your website so when they scan it, they will redirect to the website of your event.
  • You can use your QR code to make check-in faster, it will speed up your event check-in process, you can give option of QR code to guests, by using QR codes on paper or electronic tickets, every guest will have unique QR code, so it will be easy for you to track who’s arrived. This will surely speed up your check-in process and save your time.
  • You can use it for getting payment from participants of your event, they can directly pay to your account by using QR codes. You can print your payment QR code on your website or brochure so people can easily make payment and you will get payment directly in your bank account.

How to create QR codes for your event?

Generating a QR code for your event will be easy and simple. Here are ways to generate QR codes:

  • If you want to create a QR code that will be sent to a web address then you have to use a URL shortener For e.g. or, when you get a shortened link, then you have to add .QR to the end and then your QR code will instantly pop up on your screen. You can take it to print off it or you can take a screenshot of it and then you can add your QR code for advertising.
  • If you want to create a QR code to check-in then you have to use an event ticketing or registration software from the internet and there are many websites available on the internet which makes QR code. They will make software for you. The software will automatically make different-different QR codes for different-different people.


As you can see in the above given article that generating a QR code is very easy and simple you can make it on your own or you can take help from the websites. As you can see that there are so many benefits of QR code like it will promote your event and people will get the latest news by using your QR code. You can use it on your brochure, advertisement or you can also use this for getting payment from customers. So if you want to promote your event then you should promote your event by generating QR code and you should print it on your brochure.

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