Proper Implication of Reasoning Test In Business Employee Hiring

Reasoning test is nothing but a mental test conducted for measuring personality, intelligence, aptitude, memory, sensitivity and many other points. In other words, it is a test for identifying the mental skill of people. While recruiting a candidate for a particular position, companies are putting in a lot of efforts to find the right person for the job.

Companies now require applicants to submit their reasoning tests results during different stages of the process of recruitment. Some offices require a test result for submission when making the application, while some other companies demand that the tests should be taken during the final stages of the recruitment.

Implication of Reasoning Test In Business

Seeing the importance being given by the recruiters to the applicants for these tests, one can question whether it is the best way to select a candidate they need or not. Results are easily available to show how efficiently the recruitment process has been improved with the help of these tests.

These tests have a good reputation for selecting the best applicant for a job and making it possible for the company to save money and time. The test result provides objective information for the recruiter and it is better than an interview.

Recruiters look at the test results to come to a conclusion, which is there for a long-term benefit for the company. However, there are thousands of instances where applicants may have done well in academics but have failed to prove themselves in office work.

On the other hand, it has been seen that manipulations by recruiters have come to light where they have selected their preferred candidates despite results by others being better. These points provide a good reason for candidates to fight over the authenticity of reasoning tests.

Knowing very well that a candidate for a job gets subjection to this test, many websites have made it possible for candidates to prepare well for the reasoning test and gain some level of experience. It is also mentioned on the websites that the questions in the practice tests will slightly be different than from those asked by the companies. However, it will be easy for candidates to get familiar with the tests after lots of practice.

This shows that the candidates who have prepared for these exams will definitely deliver better results than the ones who may not have prepared. These results will also mean that the companies are selecting applicants simply looking at the results without making a proper judgment in a one on one interview.

It will be a lot easier for companies who have the system of reasoning test in place to ensure that they will be able to select the right candidate. This means that the companies will have to make arrangements for this test to ensure the applicants have to meet proper screening before they have to undergo the test. This test also makes the recruiter find out candidates who are not suitable for the job, maybe they do not have the desired qualities in them which the recruiters are finding.

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How To Use Reasoning Test For Business Hiring Purpose


  • Know the local law – when an HR department of a company decides to make use of this process, they should make sure that the local laws pertaining to it are correctly followed in the process. These tests are taken on the internet. So it is better to check with the laws before using this method. For example, in the United States of America, due to the American Disabilities Act, it is necessary that the tests should maintain the privacy of the candidates and should not diagnose the candidates. The results should not be discussed with other candidates.
  • Understanding the business requirements– the test will not help if well-established measures of the job performance are not evaluated. If a company does not have a qualitative method for assessing the performance then the right candidate will not get the selection. Since the test is done online, so select the best website. With the correct website usage, it is found that the company will flourish in the future, as it has selected the right candidate.
  • The risk of cheating– make sure that the candidates do not make someone else sit for the exam on their behalf. It is better to arrange the test within the office premises so that there will be other officials to invigilate them. This way the risk of cheating will reduce completely.

Before selecting any website for conducting the assessment online, it is necessary that the HR team can just try out the test on their own for making sure whether it will be good for the organization recruitment process or not, to select the best candidate.

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Even after considering all the advantages which prove beneficial for a recruiter, it does seem that some questions are still remaining unanswered. One can give the answer before the reasoning testing is accepted as a correct method in the process of recruitment.

Points Which HR Department Should Understand

Now, we are going to concentrate on a few points which the HR department should understand about the test before they try out the test.

  • Is there any difference between a reasoning test and a personality test?

As a normal human being, everyone mixes the two terms. It is not the same. A reasoning test can have numeracy and literacy, not only personality. A personality test is just a part of the reasoning test.

  • Can this test tell the recruiters who to work with?

This test report will certainly help them to make better hiring choices but it cannot make the choice for them. Nevertheless, it will definitely put the best person in the work. The recruiters should first know the work environment and the type of job themselves. After that, they need to seek prospects whose personality will cope best with the environment.

  • Can this test tell whether the candidate will be honest or not?

This test covers a huge variety of subjects, as the test can affect many things. But this test will not be able to tell whether the candidate is dishonest or not.

  • Is it necessary to take a training programme to make use of this test properly?

Many websites of this test will insist the recruiters take a training course so that they could translate the result correctly. However, to take a leave from the office there is a limitation in training. There are some websites which do not need training.

There are thousands of reasoning test providers available in the market. And everyone promises to give the correct result of their tests. Out of thousands and the upcoming new ones, it becomes a problem to select one from the bulk.

Usually, the beginner ones give a trial account and test for the recruiters to go through, to know how good it is. As the providers,the initial focus is to gain reputation in the market and then to make money.

The recruiters should know that they are looking for, though the search isn’t too tough either. Scrolling through the pages of the search engine they will definitely get the right one, which will be suitable for the business.

Today over 75% of the companies in the USA, UAE, South Africa, UK and Saudi Arabia prefer this test, as it yields the right person they need.

Tips To Improve Reasoning Test For Hiring


Seeing an advertisement or receiving an email from the recruiter’s end, hundreds of candidates run to appear for the interview. If a candidate receives an interview call letter, where it is written that this test will happen, the candidate might think what is this test all about? You might have some clarification and here are some tips to help you prepare for it.

  • Practice is necessary- remember that this exam is not based on your luck. It is purely based on your preparation. This preparation will increase your score as well as your employability opportunity. A candidate should take it as a positive challenge; it becomes a part of the hurdle in the process of hunting a suitable job. While practicing, a candidate can take the test examples that are found online from reliable websites.
  • Understand the purpose of the exam- Many employers conduct this test among their existing employed staff, to see their personality, performance level and many more. When suppose you are already employed in a particular company and your employer has announced about this exam, do not get a single percent doubt that whether the exam is being conducted for chucking you out of the job if you are not able to perform well.
  • So, you have to appear for this test with full confidence. It is a surprise for you if your boss feels that you will be suitable for taking up new projects or he might give you a promotion. Have the right attitude towards the test. To get a good sleep on the previous night, so that you can appear fresh for the exam.

The most effective way in which a candidate can prepare for this test is to solve more and more sample test papers; there are no two ways about it. This type of preparation is ‘repetitive’ and ‘deliberate’ action. The more you solve the paper, the more competent you become. Therefore it is important that you take time to work on it.

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Try to improve your abilities to clear the test. The more you score, the more will it be beneficial towards your career.

Here are few points to clear the exams:-

  • Try to find out the type of test you need to undertake. See the time given for the test. Check whether is multiple-choice based questions. If the test is multiple choices in nature, then practice a lot for it.
  • Variety- even if the candidate requires to sit for one type of test, suppose for numerical reasoning, it is better if he appears for different types, like verbal reasoning, spatial reasoning, fault analysis, mechanical reasoning and many more. This will improve the candidate’s overall ability to pass the test.
  • Confidence- this is the key to succeed the test. If you solve plenty of test papers then the confidence level will automatically grow. Many times it happens that a candidate has sat for the test and his mind goes blank. This is because his mind is focused on negative thoughts and he might believe that he will fail in the exam.
  • Try practicing numerical questions mentally, without writing down the workouts. This is really difficult to accomplish but it is an excellent practice for a real test. Also, try to practice numerical reasoning tests without using a calculator. If the test permits to use a scientific calculator, be sure that you know how to use it.
  • As it says ‘you are what you eat’. So prior to the week of the examination try to eat and drink healthy. Avoid alcohol, cigarettes and high-fat content food. The reason for this is that these foods will make you feel sluggish and you might not be able to perform well. On the morning of the examination eat healthy breakfast like oats or porridge and a banana. Drink plenty of water. This will help you to improve your concentration level when it comes to appearing for the reasoning test.

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  • If there are any special needs that need to be catered, ensure that you inform the invigilator prior the examination time. In fact, if you tell them about your disabilities, the recruiters will not take it negatively. They will give you extra time if needed. So it will work in your favor only. Share your problems with the recruiters.


Reasoning test has become rampant across few industries, more in the BPOs, Information Technology etc. However, there is only one disadvantage in this test. Recruiters cannot overlook these matters, just because they are using this test. This test does not ensure how long a candidate will remain in the office. Only qualified professionals should design these tests.

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