Top 5 Important Pieces of Vlogging Equipment Every One Need

Marketing experts across the globe agree that vlogging is the next big thing. In fact, over 60 percent of businesses use videos as part of their digital marketing strategy. This strategic decision is rooted in sound logic. Nearly 70 percent of people prefer to watch a video over reading and other content formats. The key to becoming a successful vlogger is having the right equipment. Read on to learn the most important vlogging equipment that every vlogger should have in their tool kit.

Video Camera

The most important vlogging accessory is the video camera. There is a hot debate in the vlogging community between the video camera and microphone.

While both are important, the camera is the central premise behind a video blog. If audiences preferred sound over image quality, they’d likely tune in to a podcast instead.

Poor image quality is certain to sink your video marketing efforts. It is imperative to invest in a video camera with a top-notch processor and high resolution. There are also a number of appealing features like slow motion recordings.


While the video camera is number one on our list, it does not diminish a microphone’s value. Any sound issues are going to send audiences to another content producer.

A quality microphone will suppress any background noise. It also ensures that your commentary comes across clean and clear to the audience. Lastly, it will help your YouTube royalty free music sound better in the background.

There are a number of different microphone gadgets to choose from. Some vloggers prefer a USB microphone that connects to a computer. Others use a lavaliere microphone that connects to an input on your camera.

Ring Light

Investing in lighting equipment is another way to improve image quality. You can purchase an above-average camera and still have lighting issues.

Utilizing natural light can be effective, but sometimes it is not enough. For this reason, many vloggers invest in lighting accessories.

One popular choice is the ring light, which removes shadows and provides brightness to the video. This is effective for vloggers that are placing an emphasis on their face, such as beauty vloggers.


This is the perfect accessory if you are vlogging from your home or office. First, it allows you to record without an operator.

Also, it removes any shaking or uneven recording. Your video will be motionless and this ultimately improves vlogging quality.

Continuous Lighting Umbrella Kit

This is another accessory designed to improve lighting conditions. The intent of the continuous lighting umbrella kit is to improve background lighting.

The umbrella kit has receptacles for multiple light bulbs. This way you can illuminate your face in addition to the background.

A Recap of the Top Vlogging Equipment

Vlogging is a great way to optimize your company’s marketing campaign or earn supplemental income as a freelancer. There is a lot of competition out there, so you need the right equipment to stand out.

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