Simple Tips That Can Improve Your SEO

SEO can be described as a fire that burns slowly. Once you get it started, you’ll not have to add a lot of wood in order to keep it alive. You’ve probably done what the experts have recommended and haven’t seen any significant improvements with the results. Here are some tips that will come in handy if you’re looking to improve the SEO for your website.

1#) Optimizing Title Tags

Google will use title tags in trying to figure out what should be shown for the rich snippets. The title helps Google to understand what your content is all about. The title tag needs to be related to what the potential audience could be looking for. A good idea is to have the keyword phrase or a variation. Google will do the rest when it comes to the rich snippets.  will tell you that including keywords in the titles can help in improving the click-through rates, especially if you’re on the first page of Google.

2#) Expand Content

Google is very particular when it comes to thin content. If the page doesn’t have any value to users, there is no reason why it should be ranked, let alone indexed in the first place. One of the ways you can take care of this problem is by expanding content. For a page to be of value, it needs to have meaningful content. The page should have at least 500 words so that you’re not getting a thin content penalty which has become common. The pages on your website should be targeting a particular keyword or phrase. This will make it easy to come up with content that is highly targeted and add value to users.

3#) Set Up Google My Business

If you’re a local business, it is important that you’re setting up a Google My Business. In essence, you’ll be telling Google what your business is all about. All the sections should be completed. The name, address, and phone should be consistent throughout even if you’ll be using citation services to help in improving search visibility for your website. Building citations can help with ranking your local business.

4#) Request Reviews

There is nothing wrong with requesting a review from a customer that used your service. As long as it is not incentivized, reviews can help you rank in for local terms. A business with a lot of positive and legitimate reviews is usually a sign of customer satisfaction. Most happy customers will be more than happy to leave a review. You should also ensure that you’re responding to the negative reviews as it helps with building confidence.

5#) Improve User Experience

There are several ways you can improve the user experience. One of them is by making your website responsive if you’re yet to do so. Google has been focusing on mobile-first indexing because the majority of people are using their phones to access the internet. In addition to your website being mobile-friendly, you also need to make sure that it loads fast and that it is easy to navigate. Your audience should not have a hard time while searching for information. It will be hard for a website to rank high on search engines when it is taking more than a minute to load. Internet users have no time to wait and will quickly click the back button. This means you should also investigate the factors that could be reducing the dwell time. If your website is fast and takes care of the basics, there is a high chance that the problem could be the content.

6#) Link to Other Websites

Even though getting links to your website is a priority, linking to other relevant websites can also help with your SEO endeavors.  If you read blogs a lot, you’ll notice that they will always link to external sources. You should keep in mind that link building is all about quality and not quantity.

7#) Write For Humans

As much as you’d want to target the keywords with your content, the first thing you should make sure of is that you’re writing for humans. Everything else will fall into place, including doing the optimizations for search. A lot of marketers are yet to capitalize on the opportunities that long-tail keywords have to offer. Don’t think about search engines when you’re writing. The focus should be on providing the best experience for the person that is searching for the content. You’ve probably seen that there sites that rank highly even without having to repeat keywords several times in the content.

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