How to Improve Your Website Organic Score via Digital Marketing

Digital marketing goes back a 100 years. When the first advertisement was made through radio, digital marketing was born. Digital marketing had nothing to do with the internet. Simply put, the use of electronic devices to market products and services is known as digital marketing. Digital marketing has been around because electronic devices have been around. It does not necessarily have to do with the internet. It can be done both online and offline.

There was a time when billboards were used to run advertisements. This does not mean that billboards don’t exist anymore but the fact that technology is advancing. This means that even while traveling, people don’t look out on the roads. Chances are they are too busy working on their phone. With a lot less attention, billboards are not the way to go anymore. On the other hand, there will be an increase in the total number of people using electronic devices in the future. Best SEO Company in Dubai

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing can be divided in two main types. The first is online marketing and the second is offline marketing. Online marketing can be divided in 7 different groups as mentioned below.

  1. SEO i.e. search engine optimization
  2. SEM i.e. search engine marketing
  3. Content marketing
  4. SMM i.e. social media marketing
  5. PPC i.e. pay per click advertising
  6. Affiliate marketing
  7. Email marketing

Then there comes offline digital marketing today which we shall discuss in detail today.

Start with a website

It does not matter what sort of website you own, you can definitely create a blog. What this means is that if you are a juicer blender company, you can create a blog on the different juice recipes. You can invite chefs to write for your blog. If you own an online store, you can create content that can include your products.

You could write about posts like 10 Gifts To Buy Your Boyfriend This Valentine’s Day. Such posts help in bringing more traffic to your website. What is more, you can also build internal links. In the post about gifts for boyfriend, you can add links to the products from your store. You will absolutely require a blog if you want to branch out your website through building link. Content is your greatest asset in 2018.

Build internal links

Don’t overlook the power of marketing your own self. What this means is that once you have a blog, you have the opportunity to build links. You can choose to build internal links or external links. While it may seem difficult at first to build external links, you can choose to start with internal links.

This means that once you have a niche of content, you have a specific sort of audience on your blog. If my blog is about SEO and content and I write a blog post on How To Improve Your SEO, there is a good chance that the person reading that blog would also be interested in reading Here Is How You Can Learn SEO or Top 9 Tips Of SEO in 2018. Try to link your own content and build a blog that brings and holds traffic for long.

Enhanced offline marketing

The first part of offline digital marketing is called enhanced offline marketing. This means that electronic devices are used to enhance the offline experience of a product or service. If you are using your phone to place an appointment at the doctor, then the offline experience of going to the doctor and not waiting in the line is enhanced.

If you manufacture electronic goods, you know that giving demos is an important part of the process. That should be part of your digital marketing strategy.

Radio marketing

Radio has been around for a long time now. Even though a lot of users have switched to other electronic devices for entertainment and information purposes, radio still persists.

It is interesting the total reach you can achieve by advertising on radio. Next in the big game comes internet radio. There are various strategies that can be applied to advertise products during a radio show.

TV marketing

Television advertisements have been there since the beginning. The creativity has been unparalleled. There has been a decrease in TV advertisements after Google purchase YouTube but there still remains audience.

Search engines today take into account hundreds of factors when ranking websites. The factors range from content, website to offline marketing. However, there are some factors that you should focus more on than other. One example is link building as well shall discuss in next sections.

To start with, you should know that Google’s first algorithm that ranked websites was Google Page Rank. Today, there are more than 200 factors that operate your rankings but Google Page Rank still remains a benchmark algorithm in SEO. Google Page Rank was solely based on the concept of link building. It took into account the total number of links associated with your website. Same goes for the quality of those links.

Keep an eye on your competitors

It does not mean what niche you are working in and how big of a website you own, you have got to have a competitor. This will be the case unless you are actually the first one to write about a talk on the whole of web. Once you have a competitor research done, you would be able to identify your competitors. Keep your competitors close to you.

Keep an eye open for how they are transforming their website. This is because your competitor has the same audience as you and offers a similar product or service. You will be basically tips on how to work on your blog without necessarily experimenting much.

Ending Note

If you want to do well on the internet, you will have to learn about link building. When a website mentions your website’s URL on one of their webpages, it is known as getting a link. This link counts as a vote when it comes to SEO and search engine rankings. Think about it, why do people mention links to other websites they don’t own? It is so that they can provide valuable information to their visitors.

If a writer writes about his tennis career and he wants to add a list of products he has been using, he can link it through online stores that sell those products. It is up to the writer to pick links from the web since this is not a sponsored post. The writer will make sure to pick links that matter to the visitors. For this reason, whenever a link is added to someone’s blog, it counts as a vote for their website. Link building can not only immensely help in search engine rankings but a lot more.

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