Your Privacy Matters: 6 Fundamental Reasons Why You should Include Security Tool for Your PDFs

PDFs allow you to secure your files highly―this is one of the main advantages of using this format, where users can also protect their privacy and personal information. However, some people underestimate the powerful benefits of including security in their PDFs. They just don’t realize the possible risks when your files are unprotected.

PDF document security provides you a host of available options such as PDF copy protection, DRM or Digital Rights Management control for PDF, and PDF encryption. Most of these security functions can be fully used via PDF Bear, one of the best online PDF security websites.

1#) What Can You Get By Using the PDF Bear?

Offering you high-level security to protect pdf, PDF Bear provides tools for conversion, organizing, optimizing, and editing your PDFs. You can also split or merge your PDF files using this site. PDF Bear gives you the latest technology to set up your own password while making the whole process fast, secure, and easy. Let’s discuss the fundamental reasons why you should consider this site for aiming for highly secured files.

2#) Protects Your Intellectual Property

In most cases, PDF is the main option for storing your intellectual property, and since this medium is common for trading various information, it is necessary to include a high-security level. This protects your intellectual property from possible risks, especially if you are working from a company that values its intellectual property.

3#) Protects Confidential Information

In case your PDF files need to be distributed to a wide range of audience, you can always hide your confidential details to protect it from malicious acts. Unless the particular audience has a crucial role or those who have a property security clearance through utilizing DRM, you can allow them to view your files completely. This is usually beneficial to particular government agencies such as the Department of Defense.

4#) Stops Unwanted PDF File Sharin

PDF is one of the formats that allows you to share documents with those who have access. However, there may be a major issue along with it. People could easily leak your confidential information if your files are not protected.

Thanks to Digital Rights Management (DRM) and copy protection, users can prevent their files from unwanted sharing. There are also other helpful tools you can use to provide access to your PDF files, and instead of using passwords, you can use individual encryption keys―it won’t let someone share your files without your permission even how much they tried.

5#) Stops Unwanted PDF File Printing

Aside from unwanted PDF sharing, the printing of PDFs is another major issue. Either through a news outlet or mails, PDFs could be printed easily, which also leads your confidential information from unwanted sharing. You can prevent your files from these leading issues by utilizing a modern DRM. You can just disable the printing option, and your files are completely safe.

6#) Prevents Viewers From Saving Your Personal Document

This is one of the fundamental reasons why you should secure your PDF files. If you give access to particular people, they can save your documents without letting you know. It could be their tactics to steal your ideas or confidential details. However, a high level of security prevents them from doing this, which is also beneficial to thousands of companies. It will serve as their main cyber defense.

7#) Limits Access

Adding security to your PDF file with a password prevents unauthorized people from opening or simply viewing your document. A password-protected file secures all of your papers, especially if it contains confidential information.

Digital functions like software and security and DRM  can securely lock your files and prevent it from the malicious acts of unauthorized people. Even if the particular users have full access to your file, they cannot send it to other unauthorized people.

8#) Takeaway

A secure online-based PDF editor can assure you of protecting your PDFs from possible risks. Don’t hesitate to include a password or individual encryption keys to keep all of your documents from malicious intents. There are thousands of reasons why you should protect your privacy in this digital age.

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