Increase Your Winning Chances in Online Slots Thru These Hacks 

Slots are probably the most popular gambling game out there. That’s because the game is dynamic, fun, and easy to learn. It’s also possible for a new player to learn a few common hacks and use them to increase their chance of winning. 

Here we will present a few of them. They are easy enough to follow but you need to keep in mind that there’s no magic solution that will allow you to win slots at all times. There’s no such method and you need to keep in mind that you’re always playing against the odds.

Don’t Try to Beat the House


The first thing to know when it comes to how to win at slots is to make sure that you’re not trying to beat the system. This can’t be done and trying to come up with a system that will allow you to do so will be a waste of time and money. 

In most cases, slots are made to be random and work via a random number generator that will spit out results. These operate with such a large number of variations that there’s no chance for you to come up with a pattern that will predict winnings. 

Larger Denominations Pay Out More


Slot machines that use smaller denominations have a smaller pay-out rate than those that use the larger ones. Many believe that it’s best to play with smaller denominations since that way you can’t lose that much. This is true but it also means that you can’t win a lot either. 

This is the payout ratio that you should have in mind:

  • 25 cent machines roughly return 85% to 88%.
  • 50 cent machines roughly return 89% to 90%
  • $1 machines return roughly 90% to 91%
  • $5 machines return 92% to 93%
  • And machines wagered higher 93% to 98%.

Run it Up


One of the best ways to try and win in the game of slots is to simply play the game by starting from a small initial deposit and trying to win big. This means that you’ll probably lose a few times but there’s a learning curve to it and you get to experience and learn about the game. 

It’s best to start with the smallest of the possible deposits since this is a learning experience and you’ll end up losing your investment at least a few times. 

Set up a Stop Loss


A stop of loss is a point in the game, in which you give up and cut your losses. This is an important feature and one that all high-end players have. Inexperienced players tend to chase their losses and to keep betting more in order to recover what they’ve lost. This is a mistake. 

It’s best to choose a particular point after which you’ll give up. It’s a matter of character to stick to the deal you’ve made with yourself, however, such character strengths can prevent you from losing too much once things turn worse. 

Don’t overplay your hand

Making reasonable but increasing bets is the key to making sure that you end up a winner in a slot game. The goal should always be to increase your bets and end up earning more as time goes by. However, making sure not to burn through your bankroll is also important. 

It’s also important not to increase your bets because you’re losing and therefore end up chasing your losses. The best course of action is to set up a strategy and stick to it throughout the game regardless of the early results. 

Take Advantage of the Bonuses 


Casinos offer a variety of different bonuses to attract new players and keep the old players loyal. These are sometimes small but they can amount to important and attractive sums. It’s important for you to take advantage of these as much as you can. 

For the most part, the bonuses can be obtained simply by playing regularly since they are made to encourage the players to keep coming back to the game. However, there are also special bonuses that could double your winnings and the ones that offer rewards for inviting new players.

Play The Games You Enjoy


There are many different reasons to choose a particular slot game, due to how much it pays off to play it and what kind of bonuses it offers. However, you should also take into account how much you enjoy the game before you settle on it. 

The game will be more enjoyable that way and that can help with the outcome as well. Don’t hesitate to try out a few games before you settle on the ones you enjoy the most. You’ll be surprised by going outside your comfort zone to find new games. 

To Sum Up


There are ways to improve your chances of winning a slot game. This is best accomplished by knowing your games and the casino you’re playing in. It’s also important to set up a strategy and stick to it especially when it comes to how you plan to use your bankroll. 

Keep in mind that the slots work based on the random number generator and there’s nothing you can do to cheat the system and make sure you’ll win. However, with the right use of bonuses and with a strict strategy you can increase your chances greatly especially when playing the games you enjoy. 


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