Instagram story download online or how to re-use stories for your business

Instagram is full of genuine and sales-boosting content that can be applied to strengthen your community. If you run a blog, sell products via Instagram or simply use this social network for entertainment, you might request on google “Instagram story download online.” Is it possible to view someone’s stories anonymously and save them on your device to have offline access?

The truth is that it’s possible, but you need to apply special third-party services for that. The IG app doesn’t have such a function. So let me uncover how you save valuable content from Insta and various methods you can apply it further.

Instagram story download online: how to save content from other accounts


As I mentioned previously, you need to apply ddicated tools if your goal is to keep stories from Instagram. Usually, downloaders are free, and you can simply and in a few steps have a story, Live, or a Highlight you need. Typically, the scheme is the following:

  • You need to open the profile where you found a story. If you open from the browser, you can copy the link to this account from the address bar. If you need to copy the URL from the app, tap on three dots and choose the menu item Copy the link.
  • Now, when you have the link to this account, you need to open a downloader tool. There are many of them on the web. Some of them allow you to even track and save stories automatically.
  • Paste this link to a downloader search bar. After you do this, the service will find this account and all their recent stories.
  • Choose a story you need and download it. Usually, the content appears on your device gallery or in the browser downloads.

Essentially, you can not only download but view someone’s stories anonymously this way. This means your username will not appear among the viewers, and a user will not tell you watched their stories.

If you want stories from Instagram of high quality, I recommend applying this solution and never trying to take screen records of stories. In this case, you will have media files in lower resolution and poor quality. Thus, if you aim to repurpose stories from your clients on other social networks, take advantage of online services for downloading.

How to repurpose IG stories for your business

Here are several tips for you to make the most of IG stories published by other users.

  • Download testimonials your clients publish on stories. In 2021 IGers are not willing to ruin their profile aesthetics with reviews. At the same time, you can ask them to share reviews on stories, and many people do it if they truly like what you are doing. Download and post this content on your website, Facebook group, and messenger chats. Also, you can apply this kind of content to Facebook ads.
  • Download entertaining content. If you like someone’s stories, you can keep them forever, even after they disappear in 24 hours from the app. Sometimes, you can find useful culinary receipts, workouts, or just funny memes.
  • Download Live sessions. Some services for keeping stories even allow users to track and download Instagram lives. Lives are usually valuable – it can be an interview, a demo or tutorial, that a user may delete in a while. If you need this content for a longer time, you can save streams. Also, you can repurpose Live sessions for your business by posting them on your profiles, website, blog, or YouTube.
  • Track stories of your competitors. It’s a good idea if you want to be aware of market trends. You can download stories of direct and indirect rivals, leaders in your industry to analyze them and inspire. Use insights to apply some of their techniques for your digital strategy.


It’s possible and simple to save stories not only from your account but from others. Despite the fact the app doesn’t offer such a function, you can make use of specialized services. Remember to use stories of your clients telling about your goods across other social networks.

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