Intricate Variations of Popular Fade Haircut for True Gentlemen

We may be stating the obvious, however, men all over the globe tend to pay a lot of attention to their haircuts and looks in general. There is nothing wrong with it, entirely on the contrary. Nevertheless, such an increased interest in hair fashion has increased the number of styles that gentlemen can experiment with these days.

Just like MensHaircuts, we believe that fade haircut is one of the most required ones at the moment. We could say that it is a simple style and that simplicity is the main reason for such increased popularity. However, it is not entirely true. The fact is that a fade is truly basic in its core, but the tremendous amount of styles that it can be combined with is the primary reason behind such an interest.

If we were to try to define what a fade haircut is, it would be right to say that it is the cut when the sides and the back of the head are trimmed in such a way that the closer it is to the neck, the less hair remains. Literary, when you look at faded sides, you can see the fading pattern, thus the name. However, things are never that simple when it comes to fashion, and there is a variety of fade styles to differentiate between. We are going to bring the main ones to your attention below.

Main Fade Haircut Types

High fade – just as the name has it, high fade starts the closest to the top, so that most of the head is cut short while all the fun is left to the top. Not always the longer top goes in pair with a high fade, sometimes a closely cut top is used to intensify the edgy vibe of the cut. Besides, such a style is usually easy to look after since there is barely any styling involved.

Low fade – this option is usually the least dramatic of all the fade since the contrast begins somewhere on the ear-level and slowly gets down to the neck. In the majority of cases, such a cut can easily fit in a strict dress code when compared to the others.

Mid fade – when it is too hard to decide whether too dramatic or not you want to look, then it is best to opt for the golden middle and mid fade is precisely that golden middle.

Skin fade – while in case of regular fades, the barber does not need to get to the bare skin, skin fade pushes him to the limits.  Instead of going extremely short, a skin fade needs to be trimmed as close to the skin as possible.

Undercut fade – it is extremely hard to figure out where the undercut fade begins, and regular undercut ends. However, barbers know the difference. While a regular undercut starts high up and is cut in one length, an undercut fade can start from high to low, and the main idea of it is to shorten fast.

Seamless High Fade With a Textured Beard

If you are a man with the beard, you need to be twice as careful with your cut since not all the cuts are designed to intertwine with a beard well. In the case of the high skin fade, there is a smooth transition from the edgy short hairstyle to a neat beard, and that is the perfect example of a seamless beard and haircut combo.

Disconnected Skin Fade With a Curly Top

At times it is hard to get rid of that flawless curly mane of yours, but looking after the long hair is not an option. Is there a perfect solution? There is. All you need to do is to find a barber who will implement a stylish disconnected high fade into your look while leaving the curly top untouched.

Effortless High Fade with a Crop Top

Fitting into the office environment is not that difficult these days. However, stricter dress codes are not dismissed yet. If you belong to the latter category, then a crop top with a high fade is the style that will save the day.

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