Is Cheap SEO Worthwhile?

Integrating SEO into your marketing campaign requires an investment of both time and money, with Google’s algorithms continually changing and paid advertising providing far quicker results. When it comes to cost, however, SEO doesn’t have to be expensive.

In 2020, SEO became even more important, thanks to both individuals and businesses having little choice but to adapt to a lifestyle more focused on spending time online.

Cheap SEO drives traffic to your website organically by approximately ranking your site in search engines and giving its users valuable experiences. These experiences are increasingly important when it comes to search engine rankings. 

For SEO to have a positive effect on your bottom line, your website should have the ability to handle organic traffic and take the user to a sale via your funnel. Just make sure you have a call to action and your contact information is visible, or SEO won’t help you, no matter how much you pay for it. If you do, however, cheap SEO can help you climb the rankings.

SEO is More Cost-Effective Than PPC

Each time someone sees your Pay Per Click ad on Facebook, LinkedIn, or in Google, and they visit your site, you get charged. The cost varies depending on your ad quality and your competitors in the industry you operate in.

When it comes to SEO, however, once you’ve achieved rankings on the first page of the search engines, you’ll be rewarded with organic clicks through to your site.

If you’re currently investing $5,000 p/m on PPC, implementing SEO and climbing up the rankings to page one means you can get away with spending less on PPC. That means that you can reduce your cost per acquisition.

Higher-Quality Visits

People don’t always trust ads. The growing number of ad blockers out there proves just how fed up people are with them. You can’t visit a local fast-food venue without being lied to. An example of this statement is to compare how your burger looks with the one they show in the ad. This disparity is often known as misleading advertising or false advertising that leaves consumers feeling dismayed.

More than 70 per cent of people will scroll past your ads to see organic results because they trust them over paid ads. The visitor carries that trust over to your website. They’ll know that your site earned its position, as opposed to you paying for it.

If you’re targeting the right keywords and your visitors get value from your website, you’ll get higher conversions with organic results over paid ads.

Should You Invest in SEO?

If you have the funds in your marketing budget, you should definitely invest in SEO. And sooner rather than later. It isn’t even that you need to invest a lot, as SEO doesn’t have to be expensive at all.

While you could do it on your own, it makes sense to hire an agency and take advantage of their experience. They’ll be able to improve your rankings more quickly. Time is important with SO, as the longer you take to start, the longer it will take for your website to climb the rankings

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