Is Dramacool Safe, Legal, or Working In 2022

In the period of a global pandemic, one is constrained to their household and implied that if someone wants to watch the new movies, they will have to buy plans for OTT platforms. Furthermore, they have to wait for the release of the film.

 It says that theatres and cinema halls are now elements of the past. Evaluating that everyone is impeded from their homes, they cannot go out and devour more time at home. It suggests that they are more likely to watch and absorb more content.

 Today, we will talk about one of these online platforms, which can be utilized independently to enjoy global content. And whether it is prudent to use this platform.

If you are nonetheless in the dark, we are talking about dramacool. What is it nearly? Let us discuss that, followed by whether it is safe to utilize it or not.

What is Dramacool?

Dramacool is a website that offers a decent amount of Korean Drama and Movies. Moreover, the quality of the site is reasonably good. The sound quality and the subtitles of the content functional on the site are pretty admirable, evaluating these have been synced and applied nicely.

The site, in a nutshell, is one of the promising sites, which, as a premium, is similarly free to watch South Korean drama movies and shows with English subtitles.


As for the user interface, something that is very important for sites that propose content. It considers some of these sites do not deliver proper UI, which is usually either disturbing or the site’s search engine is broken.

Thankfully though, the site is entirely attractive and straightforward. The dramacool 9 site is quite simple to use, with simple search options and many contents.

If you are foreign to the site, you do not have to sit and learn how to find the content you wish to disclose; instead, it is manageable to use and simple to find your preferred content.

Now that you understand what Dramacool is, you may ask us, “Is it safe to use, though?” If you were gaping about the same, worry not as we will briefly examine the same in this article.

Is Dramacool Safe

There is no modest answer to this question, evaluating whether we can answer this from two viewpoints. We can confess Yes and No. First, let us get over why we say—yes, pursued by why it is unsafe.

Initially, if we look at dramacool movies, most of, if not all, the content is pirated. Well, considering they must provide the new content and deliver it for free.

While this may induce a bit of stress to some individuals, you have to comprehend. It is safe to use these sites, evaluating the only issue of using a place like this is from the viewpoint of the site proprietor, who may get an attack by the makers of the movie/series for pirating their content.

If the answer to whether dramacool safe or not is Yes, why do we say it is not that understandable. With this comes the more tricky part of this topic. Even though the site is safe to utilize, there are a few issues with the site.

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Is it Legal?

I have faced this concern from users across different countries. Do you remember that this website keeps changing its domain frequently? In some countries, drama cool was impeded due to copyright issues back in 2016.

Countries assert that they are not encouraged to surge content on pirate sites as your data might be at risk. You can proceed to visit Dramacool if it is legal in your country.

Just as on the site, you will prefer to watch other Asian shows and Asian motion pictures with English captions. It delivers Korean plays, Chinese and Japanese dramatizations, Hong Kong and Taiwan dramatizations. 

As the site is giving, you disclosed content unlawfully. Subsequently, it is an unlawful site. Let me speculate that you don’t use this site. It will be nice to pay some fee and take a subscription from other sites to watch k-dramas.

Or, you have the option to look for some alternatives which are legitimate, because it is an ILLEGAL site.

What is the dramacool website for?

It is for Asian shows, movies, and Korean shows with English subtitles in HD. The true beauty dramacool is entirely free for everybody. Each month countless users browse this website to observe movies and drama.

You’ll be eligible to watch all the newest updates on dramas and Korean shows. The website also offers a section on upcoming movies. Therefore, you’ll be able to use this category to understand all the coming films.

If the website isn’t utilized in your location, then you should use a virtual private network to unblock the website. It is a creative website for looking for Asian drama shows and films.

The delightful factor is you’ll watch in English subtitles, video climate is on top of average, and it’s liberal to use. It’s stable to watch dramas and films. Nonetheless, I tend to advise you forever not to disclose any personal data on the website.

Earlier cape dramas were watched in Korea solely. Nevertheless, now, the recognition has exponentially overdone over the amount of your time.

Moreover, Korean dramas, many Korean movies are pretty distinguished, and folks would like to watch those on repeat if they see them with English subtitles.

Dramacool is broadcasted to possess a good number of Korean dramas and flicks. The criterion offered by Dramacool wouldn’t impede you. The sound quality of the theater and its subtitles are praise-worthy because it has been synched exceptionally well. It is one of the most beneficial and free sites to watch South Korean dramas with English subtitles.

Once it pertains to a program, it’s pretty honest and engaging. In expansion, Dramacool may be a safe choice as compared to many torrent sites out there. But, it is illegal.

Why is it not working? What happened to it?

Some explanations as to why the dramacool app is not toiling or, for that matter, why the site is not doing so are given below.

1. The server is bleak temporarily.

2. Your ISP might have halted the site.

3. Maybe, it is not functioning in your country.

4. A crisis in your network.

Therefore, there is nothing wrong with this site. However, there can be technical reasons why it isn’t working in your station.

Is it Safe to utilize?

Dramahood is not safe to utilize. I am totaling a few points. It is up to you to determine. The following ones are the visible ones. So, potentially you can find some on your own. However, be careful before making a decision.

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1. If you search the WHOIS of the dramacool site, you will learn that the owner has hidden their identity. If you have no horrible intention, then why have you kept from the world?

2. The site retains no backlinks from authorized/renowned websites.

3. Occasionally, if you click on the ads showing on the site, you will be diverted to other adult sites. This usually happens in many areas, but that doesn’t mean the risk isn’t there.

So the original site might be safe; nevertheless, the advertisements and the entity connected to the area probably won’t be.

And Yes, there is a dramacool app for both Android and io9. Thus, it has become much easier to browse the content of Dramacool; all you need to do is install the app and start watching. It is pretty convenient.

Why shouldn’t you wield the website?

Though the dramacool site delivers a lot of k-dramas, fast drama, and other Asian dramas, there is an intention as to why you shouldn’t use it.

1. This kind of site has hidden malware and viruses. This can distress your computer.

2. They can export your data from your computer without you realizing it.

3. Through cyber raids, they can also embezzle your money, credit card details, and various other things.

4. There are numerous ads and pop-ups on the site. If you click on it, even by mistake, you will be diverted to some other places.

5. If you give your details there, you are in a setback.

Legal alternatives of Dramacool

The best legal alternatives of dramacool are named below. Before we begin, you must know that these sites are possibly the best alternatives to drama cool on the internet. Not only are they safe, but they provide a multitude of content to browse without feeling too careful. Check out the sites below.

1#) Dramago

Dramago is understandable to use and retains a simple interface. You can search your essential series there and watch them. More so, this particular site is very straightforward.


Dramago gives direct access to its content. However, it comes up with a few advertisements.

2#) RakutenViki

RakutenViki  is not just many alternatives, but it also offers a wide range of elements on site. Starting from films, TV shows to Korean series; you can uncover everything there. It’s a viral website in Asian countries.


Rakutenviki is primarily the most viewed site to watch Korean dramas. You must check this out if you want to watch similar content to Dramacool.

3#) NewAsianTV

There is no exact alternative to this. Here you also can have each of the items that you receive on dramacool. Everything can be easily discovered from the Korean series to the Chinese series.


You may understand what sort of content NewAsianTv publishes by the name itself, and there is no surprise to it.

4#) Dramanice

Dramanice also proposes a lot of new and old Korean and Asian Drama series. Unlike the dramacool for everyone site, it does not have annoying ads. It is the best thing about this site. It is simple and amazing to watch dramas, shows, and films.


5#) KissAsian

Besides the Korean dramas, you will moreover get Chinese dramas, Indian dramas, and other creatures. Also, you will get multiple cartoons, and anime shows there, which are free. This site is the second most famous site.


Though Dramacool is entirely free, it has some threats to your system. Besides, the ads and content on the site to which it is associated are not safe at all. It will redirect to some other dangerous areas. It would be best if you avoided it at any cost. Otherwise, you will be in trouble. As for safer surging, go ahead and try the sites mentioned above. They are very safe and stable for you to enjoy some time watching K-dramas.

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