Simple Ways to Keep Your Kids Engaged at Home

Combining parenting with other responsibilities, such as meeting up with job requirements from the office or completing the chores at home, can be very demanding. Sometimes, you tend to sacrifice one or more of your daily tasks, to meet up with others. With kids requiring lots of attention, it’s nearly difficult to give them all the time they want and still accomplish any meaningful task.

Kids quickly get bored with doing a particular activity. In addition to seeking attention all the time, they’re equally in search of how to keep themselves busy. As a parent, you risk having your stuff destroyed, or seeing the kids injure themselves if you don’t supervise them to be sure what they’re doing at every point.

There’re a few simple things you can do to ensure your kids are gainfully engaged, while you have some time for other activities.

Get Your Kids Involved in Physical Activities

It can be as simple as counting the number of picture frames hanging on the wall or giving names to their toys. Depending on the age of your kids, you can get them involved in a few, simple home chores.

While keeping your kids engaged with the activities you get them involved in, you’ll also be creating a sense of responsibility in them. Over time, your kids will be able to do by themselves, some of the things you’ve had them do overtime.

Find simple activities your kids can get involved in using apps. Activities like painting, papercraft, role plays, treasure hunting, etc. Learn how to do each task from apps or using online tutorials first, and with your knowledge, guiding your kids will be easy for you.

Let them Play Online Games

Your kids’ friends in school talk to them about the games they’re playing, the cities they’ve destroyed, the levels surpassed, and their current level in the city destruction game they’re currently playing.

It’s natural for your child to want to try out his skills on the game when he gets home, or just when he can. Allow the kids some time to play video games, either on mobile or any other platform. It’ll give you time, while the kids are engrossed in their games to concentrate on taking care of other tasks.

While you give your kids the go-ahead to play video games, it’s your responsibility to check out the kind of games they’re playing and ensure it’s appropriate for their age. Read people’s reviews of the games before you download any game.

A friend recommended the Appgroves website for me while I needed a place to download the best games for my kids.

Great Destruction Games

I checked out the website, and it has a collection of the top games for city siege your kids will enjoy. You can even find on the site, games that support multiplayer.

With multiplayer online games, set up a team for your child and his friends, and let them work together to take control of any city they want. Playing together online will create fun memories for your kid and his friends.

Go Out with Your Kids, and Create Memories

Nothing can replace spending some time with your kids. The more you spend time with them is, the more you create memories and establish stronger bonding. Even from your busy schedule, carve out some time to connect with your children.

For long-lasting impressions, consider taking them to memorable places like the park, museum, or art gallery, from time to time. When you go out, teach your kids about the site you’re visiting and allow them to explore as much as possible.

Make schedules of places to visit, and prepare adequately for each outing. Get proper information about where you want to visit and always choose the best option available in your town.


The best time to befriend your children is while they’re kids. It requires being close to them nearly all the time.

But the busy, daily schedule of every individual makes this almost impossible. Find a way as a parent, to attend to the needs of your children, and ensure they’re not involved in activities harmful to them.

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