7 Kitchen Design Principles You Should Know

Everyone wants to keep their kitchen organized and look good at all times. We make sure that all the equipment and other accessories in the kitchen are placed properly in their space. When the kitchen looks beautiful, it adds to the overall beauty of the entire property you are living in. So, here are the 7 kitchen design principles that you should follow in order to keep it organized. Meanwhile, Check out the Rotimatic Roti Maker and let us know how good the appliance is.

Rule 1: Use Open Shelving in Moderation

When you are planning the design of your kitchen, you must think about the different items and souvenirs that you will be really proud to display to others. You can put these things on the open shelf or glass front shelf in your kitchen. Then you can hide the other accessories at the back in a more traditional form of cabinet. The use of open shelving allows you to add more aesthetics and opens up the available space.

Rule 2: You Need to Measure Twice

If you are unfortunate to have two cabinets which cannot be opened at the very same time, then you are in for a horrible error. The same can go for a lot of other things – a fridge that can open away from the heart of the kitchen area or a dishwasher in front of which you cannot stand when the doors are open. That is why it is important to check and measure all the doors at the very same time. Don’t allow anything to come in the way of the door of the appliances.

Rule 3: Keep Your Appliances Consistent

Upgrading all of your appliances to the same family will help you to increase the overall aesthetics of the kitchen area. You need to get rid of the mismatching look of the devices and bring home the ones which complement each other well. Look for stainless steel, slate, black slate and black stainless finishes in the appliances. They look premium and sleek at all times. These elements never get old and are absolutely timeless. Keeping a consistent set of gadgets, is a very important design principle you must follow.

Rule 4: Load Up on Outlet Sockets

It is always important to make electric outlets sockets in the kitchen. You will need to power up your Rotimatic or charge your mobile or do both at the same time, that is why you will need more than a single power outlet here. We recommend you to have at least 2-3 outlets in each socket that are fitted inside the kitchen. A great way to add them is against the island. This looks great and adds a creative twist to it.

Rule 5: Use Varied Lighting

For those of you who do not know, there are technically three different kinds of lighting that are essentially required in the kitchen – overhead (for general illumination), spot (for lighting up specific tasks) and accent (for drawing attention to your most gorgeous design elements). If you are missing out on any one of them or more, then there is a high chance that your kitchen looks absolutely sterile and dull through most of the year. Illuminating your kitchen requires clever ideas and that is why we suggest you use the balance of all the 3 lighting we just discussed. Always go for LED bulbs, because they are very long lasting and come with an official warranty.

Rule 6: Install a Hood or Ceiling Fan

It is always important to keep your kitchen clean and smell absolutely fresh. You would not want anyone to come in and smell a stinking smell or start coughing due to excess smoke in the area. In order to help yourself with this, you have to install a hood or a ceiling fan immediately. It will help to vent out the smoke, heat and the smells that linger around the kitchen at all times. Any one of these will do the trick of ventilation.

Rule 7: Don’t Forget the Trash Can

You cannot just place the trash can anywhere. Don’t create an ugly mess in the kitchen by placing the filled trash can right in front of your eyes. You need to get rid of that smartly. You can design a corner cabinet or a pull-out drawer, inside which you can place the trash can. Pull it out whenever you need to use it and then push it back inside. The drawer or cabinet cleverly conceals it and adds more utility to the kitchen. Don’t forget to check rotimatic reviews before buying it.

So, these are the 7 very important rules of design that you will need to keep in mind when you are renovating your kitchen or moving to a new place. We are sure these ideas will make your kitchen more efficient and beautiful than before.

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