Leverage video content for your business

People have always been fascinated with video content. For any brand, creating video content is of prime importance these days. If you create brilliant video content, then it can be used effectively, and it turns into the centerpiece of your marketing campaign. Video content is so popular not only because it is entertaining but very knowledgeable as well.

In 2020, it was found that at least 92% of all marketers have started videos as an important part of their marketing strategy. This number had grown from 75% back in 2015. So, you can clearly understand how crucial it is to leverage video content for your business. You’ll be very surprised to know that in 2021, an individual spends 100 mins every day watching a video.

The majority of all companies in 2021 have the goal to create high-quality videos and increase their overall engagement in the online world. So why should you try to leverage videos in your business marketing? Let’s check it out.

  1. Introduce Your Brand –

When you want to tell a story and convey some information, that too within a very short time, there’s no other medium as effective as videos. Very few will be interested in reading long texts or getting pop-ups for campaigns on their screen. So, videos can help you introduce your brand to the audience in the best possible manner. It can help you appeal to the right people and also encourage cold audiences to check out your brand.

One of the best examples we can think of is when GoPro launched their campaign featuring the “GoPro’s Fireman Saves a Kitten” video. The video shows a fireman saving a kitten who was trapped in a real-life house on fire. The video goes well with their slogan, “Be a Hero”. The video received millions of views, and the brand experienced magnanimous engagement.

  1. Build Trust –

In the world of online web marketing, building trust among your audience is one of the most important things to do. Video content has always been one of the terrific ways to reach out to the audience. Videos are much more transparent to all the viewers when compared to a written text. It allows them to visually experience and see what your brand is all about and other nuances.

They can learn more about your business, the kind of work you are doing, and a lot of other things. Videos are the best way to provide your audience with a “behind-the-scenes” look. It allows you to demonstrate your brand’s overall dynamics and culture in front of them.

  1. Focus On Good Content –

Quality goes a long way than quantity can ever reach. Your brand should always focus on creating good and reliable content that will be of some use to the audience. A content that is not productive can be easily discarded in no time. You must focus on how informative your content is, as most people would watch a video for the info.

If you want to effectively deliver the message to your audience, there’s no medium as effective as the videos are. When your videos are informative and made with the right elements, it helps to impress your audience. In turn, it improves the relationship with them.

  1. Promote Your Products –

any business that wants to increase their overall revenue & sales will try to promote their products, right? Videos can be of great help when you are trying to promote your products. There are at least 99% of marketers using video content to promote their products. Videos can bring in higher levels of engagement and generate better leads than any other medium.

Videos are easily the most attractive, versatile, and extremely shareable medium which tells the audience about your products. You can take part in a video advertising campaign & launch your ads to expose your products. Video is always a more efficient marketing tool when compared to print or text combined.

  1. Video Shows Great ROI –

Whenever you plan to market your products, you will be thinking about the ROI, right? For every brand, the Return of Interest is always the main objective of their marketing efforts. Higher the ROI, the more beneficial the results will be. It is to be noted that almost 83% of all businesses have conveyed that videos offer the best ROI.

You can find top brands like Blendtec, putting a lot of leverage on video content to generate more sales and revenue. They have a “Will It Blend?” video series where they show how effective their blenders are. This helps the people to know more about their products.

Video creation is no doubt a difficult task to accomplish and takes a lot of time as well. But, if it can deliver the highest ROI to your brand, we believe the efforts are worth it. There are many online editing and marketing tools that allow you to create the perfect video for your brand. Begin to use them without any further delay.

  1. Videos Are Mobile Friendly –

Mobile users have grown drastically in the last few years. There will be 3.8 billion mobile users in the world by the end of 2021, whereas the numbers were around 2.5 billion in 2019. Can you see how quickly the number of mobile users went up? Videos and mobiles go hand-in-hand. It is surprising that at least 90% of all global consumers watch videos from their mobile.

Videos are mobile-friendly, and that is why people want to watch them from these devices. The total mobile video views have risen by 233% over a span of 8 years. Since the number of mobile users is increasing, videos can help your brand advertise more easily in the future.

Final Words

Videos are undoubtedly the most important medium when it comes to marketing your brand in 2021. With more people looking forward to their brands adopting the video culture, it is high time that you start focusing on video content as well. Video content for your business will surely help you to grow and experience more success in the coming years.

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