11 Tricks to Make Users Trust Your Website and Boost Conversion

Trust, the most important ingredient in all relationships, plays a significant role in boosting conversion on your website. Whether you run an ecommerce website or not, conversion is critical. But what is conversion? It is simply getting your users to do what you want them to do. Alternatively, it is achieving the desired results of given online engagements and activities.

However, it is impossible to achieve increased conversion if your users don’t or cannot trust your website. Therefore, it is important to build trust to get improved conversion rates. In this post, I will show you simple and proven tricks you can use to win your users’ trust as a key to better conversion. Besides installing an EV SSL certificate, I will reveal how other strategies such as displaying endorsements and awards, showing off your main clients, and having a user-friendly privacy policy can achieve this goal.

1. Display Your Endorsements

Do you have endorsements from reputable industry players and leaders? If you do, don’t hesitate to display them for your users to see. It is advantageous to show off what high-profile personalities and organizations say about your business. What ripple effect do you expect to get if Bill Gates or Barrack Obama endorsed your endeavors?

Definitely, you expect a flood of trust from your users because we live in a society that trusts (even blindly) respected figures and institutions. So, take advantage of such endorsements. However, I recommend care and tact when using them on your website. It is proper to cite them only if they are relevant to your audience or the service/product you are promoting. Otherwise, random citing could appear like another name-dropping gimmick that could either backfire or bear minimal results, if any.

2. Parade Your Awards

Similar to the above trick is the parading of awards. We live in a society that believes in awards. Therefore, you can take advantage of them to promote trust on your website. For example, if you are a music artiste, winning a Grammy Award is a big achievement.

It is a massive endorsement from the music industry that can elevate your profile in the industry and before your audience. Depending on the size of your company, you can choose to place them in the most/least conspicuous positions of your website. For example, a big corporation like Microsoft or Nokia is not striving for renown. Therefore, displaying their awards on their homepage may not be necessary since it is a trusted and popular brand.

3. Have a Strong Brand Definition

Do you want to build trust that will drive conversion on your website? Then should pay attention to how you define your brand. Even though most consumers are interested in the benefits they derive from your solutions, some of them also show interest in the brand that provides them.

Never take the term some lightly since the numerical minority could as well be the influential majority you need to take your brand to the next level. So, educate your users about your brand, what you stand for, your beliefs, mission, and vision. This way, you will inspire confidence in serious users who would like to do business with a brand that knows what it wants and stands for in the market.

4. Have a User-friendly Privacy Policy

If your website does not care about your users’ privacy, then know you are endangering its safety in the market! If you don’t show your users that you care about their privacy, you are telling them not to care about your offers.

Therefore, have a user-friendly privacy policy that inspires their confidence in their dealings with you. Remember, users’ privacy has a direct connection to their safety, and hence, people can only trust dealers they feel safe hanging with.

5. Don’t Shy Showing Off Your Customer List

Displaying your “big fish” clients is critical to boosting trust the same way an SSL certificate does. To make your users trust you and convert better, it is prudent to show off any “big fish” within your client base.

For example, if Barclays, Microsoft, Apple, or Facebook are some of your core clients, do not hesitate to tell the world about it. This way, will you create a social proof effect that will make other potential or existing clients want to remain within your fold.

6. Show Your Users You Care About Their Safety

Do you want to win your customers’ trust and boost conversion on your website? If you do, then it is critical to prioritize their safety. The reason here is simple: people trust people they feel safe with. If your customers and users don’t feel that you care about their safety, then it is your duty to make them do so. Don’t just tell them you do care.

Instead, show them in a manner they can feel because they are human. Therefore, take steps to protect their sensitive details while dealing with your website. For example, you can install SSL certificate to protect their credit card and financial details as they transact. Also, you have to display all your security badges and trust marks you to make them feel secure.

7. Have Clear Product Descriptions

If you deal in products, it is necessary to mind how you describe them. It is important to describe your products clearly to make your users know what to expect. Remember, information is critical to building user trust. For instance, if abusing your products can harm users, it is necessary to tell them clearly.

Otherwise, poorly described products can make your users suspect you are hiding something. Moreover, poor description will deny them the basic raw material they need to build their expectations from what your solutions can do for them. Lastly, you need to mix text and visuals to inspire more trust in them. For example, if you are describing a skin product, it is not enough to tell them how good it is. It is beneficial to show them using a video or clear picture to inspire trust in them.

8. Avail Yourself

If you want to earn your users’ trust for improved conversion, you need to avail yourself. In the online world, your availability is just as important as your ability. Remember, people don’t just want to know that you are for them, no.

They also want to know and feel that you are there for them when they need you. Therefore, give them the most convenient ways of reaching you should they need to ask questions or express their grievances. By balancing ability with availability, you create the perfect blend that inspires and develops trust in your website’s users.

9. Showcase Press Mentions

The media is a powerful tool that can either make or break your reputation before your users. If you mind building a strong reputation, it is prudent to optimize every opportunity to get positive media mention.

This way, you prove to the world that the media fraternity and its professionals value and recognize you enough to feature you positively in their channels. Therefore, you should parade any such press mention before your audiences to boost their trust in your brand.

10. Build a Strong Reputation

A strong reputation is a great asset you can use to advance trust among your users. If you already have it, it is advantageous to capitalize on it and display it on your homepage. For example, if you have 30 million followers on LinkedIn or Instagram, it is wise to tell your users that to boost their trust levels.

If you have been a consistent player in your industry for more than 40 years, let the world know about it. If you have not built such a high profile, then it is upon you to do your best to build a strong reputation.

You can revise your LinkedIn summary to increase the trust of your followers or content consumers.

11. Guarantee User Satisfaction

Nothing is more important to a user than their guaranteed satisfaction. The reason is that if you sell products and services, you will encounter dissatisfied customers who will raise complaints. Therefore, you need to put measures in place to assure them that they can still get satisfied after the first attempt.

For example, provide an easy way of refunding their money, replacing products, or exchanging their purchases. You need to ensure that the process favors both parties so that your customers don’t feel that the satisfaction guarantee favors you. For instance, if you sell products that a consumer needs to use for a month before seeing results, you should allow a return period of more than a month.


Installing an SSL certificate, mutually favorable satisfaction guarantees, optimizing press mentions, and building a strong reputation are some of the ways of building user trust for better conversion.

This post showed you how these tricks can help you to win and maintain your users’ trust as a way of boosting conversion on your website. I hope your diligent application of them will help you to take your brand to the next level of trust-born conversion.

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