Making an explainer video step by step

An animated explainer video is a short video that can be used to reach an audience both online and offline. In most cases, an animated explanatory video provides the user with information about:

  • What do you do;
  • what your business or product is;
  • how to use technology and much more.

Many companies around the world have used the power of animated explanatory videos to simplify complex ideas and concepts for customers and potential audiences. This helped them a lot both to increase sales and to strengthen the brand awareness, increase its recognition.

Scope of explanatory videos

Businesses large and small have experienced the power of these animated explanatory videos to promote their products, explain complex processes, communicate their activities and offerings. They also noted:

  • increasing the return on investment;
  • increase in the number of clients;
  • increase the number of potential customers thanks to the flexibility of interaction that video provides.

The process of creating an explanatory video should preferably be entrusted to professionals who have all the necessary resources to complete the task. The terms of reference and explainer template should be formulated based on the specifics of your niche.

What is an explanatory animated film and how is it made?

Animated videos can be used in TV ads to explain who you are and what you do in a simple and effective way. Your high converting explanatory video needs to go through several stages. It is advisable to seek help from specialists, since there are too many subtleties that need to be considered when creating such a content format. Pay attention to the explainer video portfolio when choosing an artist. So, here are the main steps that are part of the process of creating an animated explanatory video.

We start by developing a script

Script is the most important element of animated explanatory videos A good high-quality video script should summarize the message within a minute (preferably even less, especially when it comes to a commercial for posting on social networks), which is the default duration for most videos of this format. However, most animated explanatory videos are 1 to 2 minutes long, and each minute takes about 150 words. The scripting task also contains important points:

  1. The copywriter must ensure that the message to be sent for a one minute video is within 150 words.
  2. The script should be written in such a way as to attract viewers while watching the video.
  3. There should be a very clear call to action in the script to prompt the viewer to take action after watching the video.

Video developers need a script written by a highly qualified writer. The author should be able to summarize the sales message or ideas using a 150-word script that will keep your message concise and clear.

Voice acting

After making sure you have a well-thought-out and well-written video script, you’ll need a voiceover for your video. Experts recommend a professional artist to do the job. You can have the right script with the right message, but poor or poorly recorded voiceover, which can send the wrong messages to your audience. After making sure that the high-quality voiceover is ready, the developers get down to business.

Creating a visual component

The video producers create a storyboard to visualize what the final product will look like. In this case, a talented scriptwriter with the skills of visualizing films is faced with the task of bringing the script to life. The storyboard creator creates scene by scene for approval by a client who wants a quality explanatory video. The approval of the script by the customer will mean that the film will eventually go to the final stage, that is, it is ready to be posted on social networks, blogs, video hosting.

The final stage

Will start after completing all other stages. The scene will include video animation suitable for dubbing. It cannot be just an animation of an explanatory film. Every aspect of the animation should reflect the message that needs to be conveyed and the commitment required. Viewers must stay with the film until the end.

Once you’ve created the final animated explanatory video in the correct format, you can upload it to YouTube or another video sharing site for more views. It can also be posted on the site on the landing pages of the site for site visitors.

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