Marketing Strategies For Business That Really Works

In today’s technology-driven world, there are countless ways for you to promote your business. The trick is to be able to concentrate your limited marketing budget towards the strategies with the highest efficiency and that will provide the most opportunities to increase your revenue. The key is to know the proper combination marketing tools and strategies that you should roll out that will work effectively in marketing your business.

A lot of companies focus all their efforts on immediate online presence and digital marketing, overlooking the fact that in order for your marketing plan to provide you with the ROI you look for, you need to mix elements of both online, passive digital and real-world marketing techniques.

Effective SEO

Assuming that you already have an excellent website up and running for your business, the most effective way to drive traffic to your site will be through Google search and other engines.  Understanding how to use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) correctly for your keyword placements will make all the difference in increasing your brand awareness. Keeping up with the changing algorithms and ensuring you have an experienced SEO marketer will soon see your business show up on the top of the Google search pages and increases your chances of getting potential clients visiting your site.

Participate in Industry Events

Moving away from the digital marketing platform and out into the real world, participating in exhibitions that target your ideal audience and industry-related conferences are still one of the more effective ways to create brand awareness.  This is an excellent opportunity to learn about the latest in your industry and scope out the competition and get face-to-face time with potential customers and learn more about their needs. Make sure your booth is memorable if you want to generate high foot traffic. The best approach would be to create a custom exhibition stand that is branded with your logo and that is colorful and stands out. Once you generate the traffic to your company booth you will be able to generate on the spot leads and sales based on direct customer engagement. Don’t forget to follow up with marketing emails to all the people who visit your booth, as that will only increase your sales pipeline.

Email Marketing

 Not everyone who will actually visit your site from all the traffic you generated through your SEO or visited you at exhibitions you attend will actually buy your product or service on the first visit.  So, as a follow up sending them promotional emails, which is a technique called “lead nurturing” will be one of your highest sales converting channels.  You can get their contact information by offering them something in exchange, such as a discount on first purchases or a free trial of your service. This way you have collected a database of potential customers and in the most economical way. Emailing this database with your latest promotions or products will provide you with increased sales and ROI as people will not want to miss out on the savings opportunity.

This trifecta of marketing strategies has been proven time and time again that they really do work. Yes, you can incorporate many other strategies to gain your customers and increase your sales; but with limited resources and budget, focusing on those three will provide you with the branding that your business deserves.

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