Mobile gaming – is it really the future for all games including a casino?

It’s no secret that the attitude towards mobile gaming in the world is rather ambiguous. Some people believe that this market cannot offer anything but assorted clickers, games with a lot of grinds, and other timewasters. Others put in opposition such projects as PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, casino games, some representatives of the GTA series, and many other games that, in one way or another, are still related to PC and consoles.

The gaming industry is growing steadily and more promising projects from such mastodons of the game development industry as Microsoft (Gears POP!), Tiger Games (various casino\gambling games), and Activision (Call of Duty: Mobile) is looming on the horizon, but where did it all start and when did the so-called “boom” of mobile gaming begin?

In fact, the active development of mobile gaming began back in 2009-2011, when the AppStore and PlayMarket began to actively fill in games such as Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, various card games such as blackjack, roulette, and other casino entertainment. The lives of some are supported to this day, and most of them are even associated with mobile games.

Not surprisingly, with the development of the mobile platform, large studios drew attention to it, filling the market with many rather mediocre projects, wanting to take not quality, but a well-known name. This also affected the fairly well-known game series, the developers of which decided to squeeze the maximum out of their projects by releasing scanty versions or shameful imperfections, such as Star Wars: Trench Run, whose main goal was to make money on the famous franchise as fast as possible.

Separately, we should highlight the mobile Dungeon Keeper 2013 by EA, which generally set themselves the main goal of siphoning money out of fans, and not giving a new life to their series on a mobile platform. This is like playing at one of the online casinos here – The only difference is that you CAN get money at an online casino, but in Dungeon Keeper 2013 you will only lose them. Since the whole game is based on pay-2-win mechanics.

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Of course, at the dawn of the development of this direction, everything could seem that way, although the current situation is not far from such conclusions. Unfortunately, most people, either because of banal ignorance or because of relatively little marketing of the games themselves, forgets about such representatives of early mobile gaming as Dead Space mobile, Mass Effect Galaxy \ Infiltrator, Dead Trigger, Real Racing, Galaxy on Fire games and many others.

Due to certain circumstances, some of them were able to arrange a long and comfortable life for themselves, and some, such as Dead Space mobile and Rock Band, were forgotten and the only thing left of them was the memories of a few fans and APK files that were lost on the Internet.

Nevertheless, all these projects were aimed at the major league, which, by the standards of the mobile market, they reached, but unfortunately, the same cannot be said about their popularity among players on other platforms.

You can clearly assess the entire path of development of mobile games in the YouTube video RankingMan, which demonstrated what content has been in demand by gamers over the past 7 years. It is easy to conclude from this why games with grind and timewasters occupy the majority of the market. You should also take to account such casino games like Live Hold’em Pro Poker (and similar). They are also popular among mobile gamers. And if you are looking for a list of mobile casinos it’s better to take a look at the Bgaoc website.

No matter how good these games are, it is the timewasters that are the most in-demand for the current market. For the most part, mobile gaming in the minds of millions in short sessions of 10 to 15 minutes.

It is for this reason that many people overlook the really big games that take up much more session time.

Mobile Gaming Today

Over time, mobile games began to develop more and more and the niche of this market began to be filled with a variety of projects that perfectly fit into the conditions of the mobile market: Hearthstone, Pokemon Go, Threes!, a series of GO games (Hitman, Lara Croft, Deus Ex), Fallout Shelter and others. The last two games, by the way, even visited PCs and consoles, which already speaks of their relevance in the gaming community.

Over time, the growth of budgets for the development of new mobile games and their advertising began to grow steadily. This demonstrated to many studios the demand for players in this market, and as a result, motivated them to create not just regular copies and shameful imperfections, but full-fledged independent games. The growth in the productivity of mobile devices played a role in this, which opened new doors for developers.

Among the high-quality projects that have already been released are: PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, This is the Police, Magic: The Gathering Arena, Injustice 2, Lineage 2: Revolution, Hello Neighbor, Auto Chess, and many other projects, which even though they migrated to us from PC and consoles, but allowed a large layer of gamers to play their favorite games, without being tied to a specific place.

Connoisseurs of the classics are not disregarded either: Doom 1993 and Doom II have already become available on iOS and Android. Thus, the developers decided to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their series.

We believe that the future belongs to mobile gaming, and even if it is not so obvious at the moment, we are witnessing how the once platform for banal timewasters is being transformed into a full-fledged gaming platform. However, we still have such bad examples in mobile gaming as Garden\Homescapes which ARE timewasters and fast money grabbers, albeit still popular among female audience of players and probably, will be popular for a long time.

How do you feel about mobile gaming? Already found your mobile favorite?

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