Most used cheats in Sims 4

The Sims is another one of those game series that not only allows cheating; it encourages cheating. For many fans, the best part of playing is tinkering with the inner guts of the game. The Sims 4 isn’t any different. Yet it is really new too. So let’s walk through the earliest secrets from the game.

Basic cheats

In The Sims 4 there are three main variants to cheat, one being a bit more difficult than the other. If you’re just attempting to use, maybe, one of the official “listed” cheats to make yourself a ton of money, then just press CTRL-SHIFT-C. A text window will pop up on the top left side of the screen once you type the combination on your keyboard.

However, for other cheats, you must first enter the term “testingcheats true” in the text window you accessed using CTRL-SHIFT-C, and then proceed with your cheat code of selection. It also helps you to conduct certain cheat codes that involve using the mouse to shift-click on a specific object.

Bear in mind that when you fly to a particular location, however, the game will immediately reset it to “testingcheats false.” A simple thumb rule is just to re-enable cheats until you see a loading screen. When a hack doesn’t work, make sure you read it right, because the text strings here can be more than a little complicated.


Please note to be responsible if you care for your Sims! Many cheats can be permanent, or at least impossible to fix after you have put them into action. If you want to start using cheat codes, I suggest creating a separate world to trick.

Get more stuff

Creating the elite estate may be simple in the abstract considering how good the construction tools from The Sims 4 are. But not all of those rugs and tchotchkes come for free. Okay, except for the stealing. Here are some simple ways to get stuff dropped into the game with no worries about your financial freedom. :

  • To make all houses free: FreeRealEstate On

  • To get $1,000: Kaching or Rosebud

  • To get $50,000: Motherlode

  • To set a specific amount for household funds (ie, money): money <amount>

  • To make household objects infinitely available: objects.consumables_infinite_toggle [true|false]

  • To add a Sim to your household: sims.Spawn

Trying to kill your Sim?

Here are some methods posted on The Sims forums:

  • “sims.add_buff buff_death_electrocution_warning” —Equips a sim with a buff that will make him/her prone to dying while fixing an appliance; have the sim repair something electronic to trigger death

  • “sims.add_buff buff_Mortified” —Equips a sim with the mortified moodlet/buff that will make him/her prone to dying from embarrassment

  • “sims.add_buff buff_Enraged” —Equips a sim with the enraged moodlet/buff that will make him/her prone to dying from anger

  • “sims.add_buff buff_Hysterical” —Equips a sim with the hysterical moodlet/buff that will make him/her prone to dying from hysteria

  • “sims.add_buff hunger_Starving” —Pretty much a guaranteed death within 24 hours; sims will die of hunger

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