New Trends in Playing Cards You’d Probably Want to Know

In a world where everybody is seeking individuality and wanting to stand out in everything they do, customization has become a goal in itself. From clothes to stationery and even playing cards, anything and everything can be used for self-expression.

Hardcore fans of playing cards or those who use them professionally are especially drawn to this new trend of customized cards. Aside from the fact that this gimmick will set your deck apart from that of your friends, it is also such a cool way to make a statement and display your edgy sense of style.

 If you are playing cards fanatic yourself, keep reading to learn more about some trends in playing cards that you’ve probably never heard about.

Customized card sleeves

Playing cards pros know how important it is to always use a card sleeve to protect their precious cards from wear and tear. A great way to do so in style is to use customized card sleeves.

If you are obsessed with a certain movie character, or have a thing for fine art, you can choose any image or design and have it customized on your card sleeves. Do some research online to find a trusted card sleeve manufacturer and check them out to learn more about their quality and read reviews from previous customers. Make sure you keep an eye out for important things like the texture and finish since this will affect the feel of your cards and how slippery they’ll be against the playmat.

Artistic playmats

If you want to take your game night up a notch, surprise your friends with a matching playmat that is beautifully designed and popping with lively colors. This is another huge trend when it comes to playing cards. You can pick the right size and shape according to the games you prefer to play. The mat usually has a rubber back for grip on different surfaces and is machine-washable for any spills.

Environmentally friendly playing cards

Now that everyone is more considerate of the environment, playing cards manufacturers have followed suit. They are now using paper sourced from sustainable trees and colored using eco-friendly inks and dyes that are better for the environment. For the folks who are trying to make some better choices as part of their New Year’s resolution, this option is worth considering.

High-end designer playing cards

Proving that playing cards are still as cool as ever and not only reserved for senior citizens, mega-famous fashion houses are designing their own decks as well. These cards are all you would imagine them to be and more. Using the colors of the season and even the “in” fabrics and patterns, the end result can only be described as chic.

Cards for a cause

Some entities and national organizations design their own playing cards with awareness campaign messages against certain diseases or in support of special causes. These organizations understand the universality of playing cards, and it is definitely a smart way to spread the word and support certain causes.

Gold-plated cards

For the lovers of everything fancy and extra, gold-plated cards are sure going to leave a memorable impression. This will completely alter your game experience and make you feel special. If you decide to make this generous investment, you’d better make sure you have a full deck after every round!

Stain and water-resistant cards

You no longer have to wait until you finish the game before you can grab that last slice of pizza, fearing you’ll end up smudging your valuable cards. Card manufacturers are now using stain-resistant materials that guarantee you will have your deck for quite a long time. All you have to do is wipe that tomato sauce right off with a piece of cloth, and all is good.

Colorable cards

If you are passionate about coloring and would like to customize your cards, you can now find colorable playing cards sold with special colors and a guide to help you create your own masterpiece that is sure to be one of a kind. This would make for a fun activity to engage in before it’s time to gather your friends for your weekly game night.

Playing cards have been around for ages, and they are still going strong. It is probably one of the few games that kids, parents, and grandparents can all enjoy together. However, to stay relevant and keep up with the plethora of gaming options, card manufacturers are constantly coming up with new ways to accommodate the ever-changing tastes of today’s younger generations, and they’re definitely cool trends, to say the least.

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