News Websites And SEO In 2020

SEO is an ever-changing concept. Some of the techniques that were effective years ago may have no place in this era. It’s an evolving discipline that will see any website take off into an eye-catching customer magnet. Even so, there are still captivating strategies that exist that will be crucial in increasing organic traffic and boosting sales. But with regards to news websites, there are certain elements that you’d want to place greater emphasis on.

These are the focal elements that will be crucial in making a news website stand out because let’s face it, news websites haven’t been known to include quality designs and usability. But we’re in a new era and change is inevitably a factor to consider when creating a news website. That having been said, here’s what you need to know about news websites and SEO in 2020.

The Focus Remains on the Architecture

When creating a news website, there are a few SEO challenges that you’ll need to address before launching. First and foremost, news websites have longer pages than usual. You’ll, therefore, need to employ a deep-scrolling layout to go well with the long scrolling pages.

This will make it easier for users to find what they want without the need to use the search bar. An example to draw your inspiration from would be from the Mesothelioma News website. Generally, users prefer to scroll as opposed to clicking. This makes it easy to read the headlines and a bit of a fore story before clicking on the main topics.

On the same note, you may also want to improve your website’s structure by including pagination at the bottom of your pages. Now, unlike using the previous and next buttons, pagination is an SEO practice that guarantees a great user experience, dividing content into pages and link segregation. The common pagination pitfalls to avoid when creating a news website include:

  • Failure to understand what pagination really is
  • Over implementing tags and including too many conflicting elements
  • Not knowing the proper use of tags

Optimizing the Crawl Speed

News websites are different from ordinary websites. Among factors that you want to focus on should include optimizing the crawl speed. When properly optimized, it will help to enhance hosting performance, boost the site speed, and improve the XML sitemaps. These are factors that will make it easier for the news website to be indexed faster by Google.

Additionally, continually updating the news site map and using plugins are things that will influence the website’s crawl frequency. The thing is, Google bots will continually search for new content from various news websites and this only reiterates the importance of updating content on your website frequently.

Focus on Mobile-Friendliness

At the very least, users accessing your news website via mobile devices should have an easier time. This, considering the millions of people hungry for news updates, a majority of whom get it through mobile devices. It’s therefore imperative to ensure that the website design is responsive, and fits to whatever screen size the audience is using. Furthermore, for ranking purposes, you may want to adopt AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) strategies on your website. This is a type of new SEO technology that makes web pages load faster for mobile users and eliminates formatting.

There you have it, SEO strategies for news websites are not only a must-have but significantly crucial given the ever-increasing hunger for news. While you’ll need to be on the lookout for the most trending news, you also want to make sure that you’re up and about researching for the best SEO for news websites

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