Take Your Music Listening to the Next Level with Spotify

If you’re old enough, you’ve probably seen or have come across a vinyl record, a cassette tape, or a CD. Up until the early 2000s, CDs were still prominent for music artists since they released their albums using them. You may still have some CDs of your favorite artist lying around your house. Listening to music then needs a specific player that can read the type of record you’re using. If you have a long drive and you want various types of favorite music for your road trip, you have to carry different CDs to your car and switch them after you’re done with the album or once you get tired of listening to it over and over again. Time has really changed a lot of things since then. We moved on to music players that could house hundreds to thousands of songs in a single device. But in the earlier release of music players, you will have to manually download or “rip” a CD, then transfer it to your music device so you can listen to it. But technology finds even more ways of making our lives much easier. In this article, we’ll be discussing why you should use Spotify, which is a music streaming platform.

1#) Spotify Premium

Spotify is now one of the most used music streaming platforms available today. One of the best-known Spotify facts is that availing Premium will make the biggest difference in your music-listening experience. Although you can definitely use Spotify for free, it does have its limitations. With a Premium account, you’ll not only be able to do as many skips as you like, but you’ll also be able to get access to better music quality. For audiophiles and other music lovers, we highly recommend getting Premium for you to be able to make the best of Spotify.

1. All-access

Whether you like to listen to the newest Pop songs or Classic oldies, you will most likely find the song on Spotify. You can choose from almost four million artists available on the app! It’s crazy! And most if not all their songs will also be available on it. There are also podcasts available for you to enjoy anytime and anywhere you like.

2.  Download the songs you like

Unlike then when you had to get a whole album just for one or two songs you like, with Spotify, you can easily pick the songs that you only like and download them. You can either use your data or connect to a Wi-Fi to download songs. But we recommend downloading through a Wi-Fi connection because this will definitely save you from an expensive cellular network bill at the end of each month.

3. Playlists to a whole new level

You can easily create playlists for any mood or activity. Pick songs that get you pumped up for your workout routine, or relaxing music for when you want to get a good night’s rest. You can have as many playlists as you like. But that not all that Spotify playlists can offer you, you’ll also be able to get custom-made playlists according to the genres or artists that you usually listen to. It’s a cool feature because you can be introduced to songs you’ve never heard before and might like! Aside from that, you can share your playlists with friends who are also using the app. And if you happen to have a crush on someone, you can even profess your love to them with a playlist of hand-picked songs that remind you of him or her. Sweet!

4. Save everything!

The best thing about Spotify is that even if you change your device, you won’t lose your songs or playlists. Just sign-in to your new device and recover all the songs and playlists you’ve had in your previous device. You will still need to re-download all the material, but this definitely saves you from having to go through artists and songs one by one and picking out which ones you like and adding them to a new playlist.

2#) Level up with Spotify!

We’ve mentioned just a few of the good stuff about Spotify, but we think you already get an idea of why you should definitely try it out for yourself. With Spotify, you can take all the songs you love with you all the time and listen to them anytime and anywhere! All you need is your smartphone and a good pair of headphones (or an AUX cable) and let your music keep your company throughout your long commute, workout routine, long drives, and other activities. Get access to your favorite artists and songs with just a few taps and share your playlists with friends and family and let them also enjoy the music you love. It’s awesome!

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