Recommended Offline Android Games

Android smartphone is one smartphone that is widely used by various groups. Because maybe in terms of price that is practically easy to reach and also the various advantages it has. When you have an Android smartphone then you can also play bandarq online that are fun to play.

1#) Offline card game on Android

Every android smartphone always has a game that you can play. The following are some android card games that you can play offline.

1. Dark heroes: legacy

The first offline game with a card genre is the dark heroes: legacy game. Where this game has a good graphic on how it looks. So this game can be one of the most popular offline games. Apart from that the rules that are owned by this game are arguably very easy. You just have to do the best card you have on the deck. In addition you can get a gift coupon every day if you are able to complete the daily mission that has been provided. Another challenge is the leveling mode in this game. For each of these leveling modes always have a different card and also a different difficulty.

2. Mabinogi duel

It is true that the mabinogi duel game has the same mission and game rules as the other card games. However, the graphic display and also the cards in this game can be said to have their own attractive power. The cards that are offered in this game can be said to have their own characters that you can find.

3. Card wars kingdom

Card wars kingdom is a game that can do battle between cards. For the rules in this game it is very easy. You only need to collect cards first. Then you can start to arrange the cards in the deck. And the last before fighting. You should first make a strategy.

4. Soccer Spirits

Spirits soccer game is a game that is very different from the others. This game is a card game that combines the sport of soccer. For the rules in this game is you only need to do a club from the cards that have been provided. Then you can make a strategy. This strategy is useful to make the team that you have can win the game.

2#) Popular android games offline

In addition to card games that can be played offline, the Android smartphone can also be said to be used to play other popular Android games that incidentally without an internet connection or offline. The following are some offline games on Android that you can play.

1. Minecraft

In the past minecraft can only be played on a PC. Then the more development of technology, this game you can play the mobile version. If only the PC can be played with fun especially the mobile version.

2. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

If you have ever played the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas game in PS 2. And you want to play it again, there is now a mobile version. And of course it can be played offline. However, to be able to play this game you have to pay first when downloading it.

3. Asphalt 8: airborne

If you like games with racing themes, the Asphalt 8: airborne game is one of the games with this genre that can be played in offline mode. In this game has a lot of map choices. Apart from that the car that you can unlock is one of the other advantages of this game. The graphics that were served were not disappointing. Therefore this game has a size that is large enough. Then you need to remember that when you want to open a new folder you must download additional files first.

4. Hitman Sniper

This one game is a game that gives a different sensation. Because this game has a shooter mission and various stories in it. You can also build weapons that you will use to play this game.

5. Death race

Death race is a racing genre. However, the races that are served here will be combined with the battle inside. The advantage of this game lies in the HD graphics. Besides cars and weapons that you can custom yourself is another advantage that you can get in this game.

6. Trigger FPS

Games with attractive graphics and very exciting challenges you can play offline. In addition, the mission offered in this game is very challenging and also fun to play.

Playing games using an Android smartphone can indeed provide a different sensation. Some offline game recommendations you can read about the contents of this article.

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