While most people have a liking for the mundane, some people love dwelling on exciting experiences. They live for the adrenaline rush, without which they believe their life to be pretty much incomplete. Such people are the ones who are often interested in exploring haunted places since these places offer their much-loved thrill and spook!

Haunted houses and mansions are often the centers of attraction for people who love the paranormal. If you are one of these people, you may also have some memories of trying to break into a haunted house to witness scary incidents of supernatural presence. However, most people make the mistake of not being well-equipped when heading out on such plans. Finding ghosts is not a regular occurrence. There are numerous theories as to what spirits are and how they manifest themselves. But, one thing is for sure, you cannot see them with the human eye. And this is why when you plan to go for ghost-tracking, you need to have a bunch of devices to assist you in your search.

Here we list a few of such ghost-tracking devices for you:

  • A Video/Cam Recorder:

Often, what may seem spooky or paranormal, in reality, is just our minds playing games at us. For example, imagine hearing things falling in the hallway while you stay up at night and work. Such incidents often make us dead sure that a ghostly presence is haunting our house. However, let us say you have a video camera installed in your lounge. Once you rewind the tapes, you realize nothing in real happened in your hallway, and those were probably sounds coming in from the neighbor’s. It can quickly solve most of the mystery for you.

Likewise, imagine you are planning to go on a ghost-tracking trip. Most people almost certainly plan to spend the night in the place they choose for the ghost-hunt, and so do you. You will also ask a few friends to join in, which is a sane thing to do. Going on a ghost-hunting trip alone is a clear invitation to a disaster. Nonetheless, even if you have a few friends, you can never be all eyes every second. There is a risk you may miss out on the spooky stuff and end up ruining your entire trip. You should not expect the ghost to pop up right in front of you and greet you! The only way you can detect a paranormal existence is through signs that they drop here and there. For example, your cam captures the glimpse of a tall shadow or a kid running by the corridor.

Therefore, it is best to have video recorders and a camera to set up to do the job for you. There are some fantastic camcorders available at SpiritShack that you can consider as a viable option. These will also work as evidence later when you sit down to conclude whether it is a haunted place in real or just a hoax.

  • A Sound Recorder:

When hunting for ghosts, it is essential to gather as much evidence as you can. Spirits commonly would not present themselves in a physical form. You would either hear sounds or feel a ghostly presence. And this is why it is necessary to have the right tools to catch these random signs.

One such tool is a sound recorder. Now, when on a hunt, you can easily miss out on sounds or mistake them for something else. For example, imagine you hear someone running behind you while on your ghost-hunt. You turn around and see nothing there, which makes you wonder if it was just your imagination? However, once you have a voice recorder, you can immediately rewind and listen, whether it was an actual sound or a misunderstanding.

  • An Infrared Thermometer:

Like we discussed earlier, witnessing a ghost is not like the ordinary. Spirits are not made of flesh and bones like us. Therefore, detecting them can sometimes be all about following the signs of their existence. According to experts, abnormal fluctuations in the electromagnetic field in a space can be a hint of a ghostly presence. Ghosts are known to soak up energy from their surroundings, often why a ghostly presence can create cold spots. An infrared thermometer can measure the temperature changes and identify the cold areas, giving you indications of whether you can expect the existence of a ghost or not.

  • An Electro-Magnetic Field Detector:

Experts believe that the existence of a ghost disturbs the electromagnetic field inside a room or an area. An unnaturally high or fluctuating electromagnetic field may be a sign that a spirit is right there in front of you. And this is why taking an EMF detector is imperative on your ghost-hunting trips.

However, every time you experience a fluctuation in electromagnetic fields, the reason would not be a ghostly presence. Quite a few times, ghost-busters have later debunked and found a logical explanation such as the presence of a fuse box.

  • A Spirit Box:

Much like the way you cannot see a ghost, you cannot talk to them unless they decide to take on a human form! However, that is highly unlikely, which is why it is best to carry a ghost or spirit box with you. This device scans radio frequencies, which creates a clutter of white noise. Experts believe that ghosts or spirits can use this white noise to communicate with humans. Often ghost-hunters use spirit boxes to talk to the ghosts around. They ask questions and quietly sit down to expect answers, usually in either a yes or a no or just a few-word phrase.


Setting out to hunt ghosts may seem like an exciting thing to experience. However, it can quickly fail if you do not have the right equipment. Humans cannot interact with ghosts like we usually communicate with humans. Spirits are separate beings. Therefore, to witness this paranormal phenomenon, you need to own some specialized tools like those mentioned above. The above list is not exhaustive. However, this is the bare minimum you need to have on you when you step out to catch some spooky spirits!

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