Top 10 Parental Control Apps for iPhone

Nowadays children have access to gadgets more than they have access to candies. They enjoy the gadgets, the flashes, the videos, the on-demand entertainment. There is no stopping their quest for newer things, trends, social media, etc.

What we might take lightly as some safe screen time can actually have disastrous results. It’s a known fact the current generation is smarter than us. They can fool us and get their works done. Despite all this and more, as parents, we can’t supervise them every time.

They need phones for safety, they need to go to school, to coaching classes, connect with their friends, etc. You can’t keep gauging on their behavior and picking up an argument about what they are up to.

This is where some applications become extremely handy in parental control. Let’s know more about lifesaver parenting control apps:

  1. Minspy- The Perfect Spy application

Minspy ran a recent post on how parents worldwide entrusted its spy services to ensure their child’s safety. Frankly, Minspy’s services are impeccable as web-based spy software. It allows remote access to your children’s phone and you can view their Messages, iMessage, Whatsapp, Social media exchanges,  GPS locations, etc.

Minspy- The Perfect Spy application

As a parent, you can know about their absolute state of affairs. The messages they are getting, the messages they are deleting, and all the vital information that they share or the information that they don’t share with you.

Spying on your child can be catastrophic if your child finds out and there’s a lot you put at risk- the trust, the likelihood of getting caught, etc. With a platform like Minspy, you can hack in complete anonymity and ease. Your child will never know.

Friendly interface 

You don’t have to be a technological expert to spy on your child through Minspy. Even with minimal technological knowledge, you can indulge in successful spying. The user interface is so friendly that you can operate it as easily as you operate your phone. 

No Jailbreak/Rooting Requirement

Jailbreaking or rooting is necessitated in all major spy apps. With Minspy, you don’t have to indulge in any unnecessary rooting or catching hold of your child’s cell phone. Minspy keeps requirements as minimal as possible. 


Being a web-based app, Misnpy keeps registration requirements at the bare minimum. There is no need to download or leave room for suspicion. Therefore, it is trusted by parents cause it poses literally no requirements.


The features of Minspy are extensive and involve almost everything. In addition to helping its users to spy on your child’s phone, Minspy also provides direct access into their messages, social media, keystrokes made, etc.

Can you believe that the app has to offer all this and yet it is so simplified. Just in a few tabs you can access all the information. The highlight is still the keylogging feature that ensures that you can see all major keystrokes made by the user.

All you need are your child’s iCloud credentials and you wouldn’t need any further information. You don’t even need to touch your child’s phone. 

  1. Spyier

Spyier is another exclusive parental control app. It has a very articulated dashboard that allows all forms of spying on your child’s cell phone. It has a stealth mode as well that keeps your secret, a secret.  

spyine banner

  1. Spyine

Spyine is a very reliable parental control app. It has a friendly interface and its patronage is only increasing with time. It is time-efficient and linking Spyine to both Android and iPhone is possible. It never even raises suspicion.

  1. Spyic

Spyic is a good option for controlling and monitoring your children’s conduct. It has a lot of interesting monthly plans to choose from. The variety and deliverables are actually quite astoundeddashboard

  1. Neatspy

Just like its name suggests, Neatspy offers a very neat interface for its users to connect with. Linking to your child’s target device also becomes very easy, convenient and time efficient. The application has a lot of leading deliverables from a neat functioning space to a superb stealth mode.

Parental Control Apps for iPhone

  1. ClickFree

ClickFree offers a very superb way of monitoring your child’s activity. You can see your child’s activities. The messages they are sending, the social media engagements, it also has very good keylogger features that enable you to spy holistically.  

clickfree banner

  1. Spyzie

When it comes to parental control apps, Spyzie is also a user favorite. It is trusted by parents around the world for its ease and purpose. From messages to GPS location, you can tick off almost every item on your spy deliverable list with Spyzie.

spyzie banner

  1. FoneMonitor

Fone Monitor allows its users to keep a tab on the activity of their children in a totally remote and discreet way. The interface is simple and even beginner parents can be at ease with it.

fonemonitor banner

  1. TeenSafe

When it comes to ensuring that your teenage children are safe, TeenSafe is a perfect application. It allows you the impetus to gauge the online conduct of your children and their interactions. You can do all this and more without raising any suspicion.

teensafe banner

  1. Ddi Utilities

Ddi Utilities provides a good spying platform. It is trusted by many users for its features and functions and has all leading spying features that are expected from a spy app.


Out of all the applications mentioned above, Minspy happens to be a parental favorite for many reasons. A platform like Minspy doesn’t just give you an insight into your child’s phone, but also offers you an insight into your child’s mind.

It has an amazing keylogger feature that even tells you about the things that your child was about to do, but didn’t do. So, this is actually like reading your child’s mind. You can see where your child is, whom is he texting, what is he texting, all real time.

The best part about Minspy is that the process is totally remote. Your child would never know that any such application exists or you are tracking his move. This makes the process very discreet. Your child would not be pretending as he wouldn’t know.

With apps where the child knows that you are viewing, they are likely to use some other platform and feel too controlled. Minspy keeps your children from feeling that way. You must read how Minspy ran a recent post about how parents rely on this wonderful app.



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