Phone Sanitizer Buying Guide To Follow

Already known to be particularly carrying germs, the mobile phone must be the object of all our attention, especially in this period of pandemic. Through handling them and placing them everywhere, our smartphones are transformed into main carriers of germs and bacteria … and therefore possibly life threatening viruses.

Because it is not enough to wash your hands very regularly, it is also important to regularly clean your mobile phone and any other portable computer equipment. In this article, we will help you explore the different types of phone sanitizers and the things you should take into consideration when you are buying one.

Electronics wipes

There are wipes that are specifically made for phone, these wipes are intended to function as phone sanitizers that can keep you from getting sick. They are built to be safe to use on your phone thanks to the formulas from which they are made. A good phone sanitizer will not penetrate your phone and soak into the device, it will only clean the outside of the gadget. Most of phone sanitizers are alcohol based but there are also that are alcohol free, you can buy which ever you want but we recommend that you buy alcohol-based wipes.

Electronic Phone Sanitizers.

Thanks to the UV-C light that eliminates bacteria upon contact, you will not need to scrub harder or wipe faster to remove the bacteria. All you need to do is buy an electronic phone sanitizer, place the device within and wait for it to be sanitized, the process usually take only few minutes. It is the fastest way to sanitize your phone if you are bust with other tasks.

UV Phone Sanitizers.

There are two types of UV smartphone sanitizers. First, we shall go with Encased UV sanitizes which is the fan favorite. These products are designed to safely sanitize you phone by enclosing it completely. Even the edges are sealed in order to prevent any materials from getting into the materials inside in case the phone is broken or cracked.

Second, we have UV wand sanitizers. They are technically little wands that you can use to sanitize your phone completely. They are comparatively less efficient than encased UV sanitizes but they do the job just fine.

What you should look for in Phone Sanitizers.

There are different criteria you should look for when you want to buy a phone sanitizer.

Phone Sanitizer Size

One of the things you should be paying attention to the most is the size of the phone sanitizer. Make sure that the product you will buy can accommodate your phone. This issue can be encountered when you are buying a product online, most buyers do not pay attention to dimensions and end up receiving a smaller phone sanitizer.


The majority of phone sanitizers have rechargeable batteries and especially UV wands. However, there are also those than have an outlet. Choose what best suits your needs.

Time consumption

Electric phone sanitizers consume around 10 minutes in order to fully clean your phone. If you are in a hurry, we recommend that you opt for sanitizer wipes.

Editor Wiki from recomend: also, take into consideration the time required for your battery-based phone sanitizer to be charged.

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