Polish TV Company – some words about us

You live abroad and want to watch Polish TV? You are far away from you Homeland but want to keep in touch with it? We know the solution – subscribe to Polish TV Company and watch channels and films in Polish with pleasant prices.

Our company works for many years and has hundreds of satisfied customers all over the world. We provide TV services for every wallet and tastes. Just order how and what you want to watch and get the access immediately.

We developed several financial plans – you can choose the one favorite. If you want to get full access to all services, choose the option of Premium subscription. If you prefer to watch some particular channels. Take a look at the Plus and Basic subscription and contact our Customer support to get the info about channels in every package. Moreover, for those ones who don’t want to pay right now we have a limited offer – Free TV. You can watch a few channels but regularly and in HD quality.

One more reason why Polish TV Company can be useful for you – is our technical support. You don’t need any special and expensive equipment for watching TV. For using ordinary TV you have to buy only a TV-Box and have a stable Internet-connection. If you have Samsung Smart TV, Amazon Fire Stick or any gadget based on Android or iOS – nothing else ie required. Just register and have a 7-day free trial period.

Polish television has quite a rich history, and the future will be even brighter! Poland is known for its rich mythology and tradition, and the many Polish TV series reflect that! Whether you’re looking for an intense historical drama, an edging crime series, a traditional Polish cooking show, or virtually anything related to Poland – Polish shows have got you covered!

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