Popular Android Gamesjudi Online

Android games are becoming more and more popular. Both the genre of adventure to the game that requires hard thinking or requires a seriousness in playing it. So often game developers will continue to develop the games they make. In fact, not infrequently many games have sprung up lately.

1#) Android card games

Android card games are probably one of the games that require seriousness and require a little thought. It is true that this game is not as popular as other genres, but if you play it surely you will find a special pleasure. Besides this type of card game also has a variety of different versions, of course, the sensations offered are also different. The following are some card games that you can play on your android smartphone.

1. Poker from Zynga

Poker from zygna is one game that you can play. Initially this game was very popular on one of the social media namely Facebook. When you play this gamesJudi online you can freely play it on any table. As long as you have enough chips you can use to play on the table. You can also play together with your friends at one table, besides that if you want to chat with friends who are playing. Then you can use the available chat column. In addition there are several terms that you must learn first when you want to play this game. The term is like a full house, three of kind, four of kind, royale flus, and others.

2. Online gaple dominoes

When you play this game then you will still be able to feel the excitement like playing a real gaple. This game can be played by 4 people in one game. Each person will be given a card of 7 cards. However, at the beginning of the game, 1 card will be issued.

3. Black Jack

Black Jack is an android game with a card theme. Besides this black jack game is one of the games that incidentally is very famous in real world casinos. This game is a game that can be played without a connection from the internet.

4. Spider Solitaire

You are certainly familiar with the name of the spider solitaire game. Because this game is one of the games that is already installed on your computer. If in the past it could only be played on a computer. So this time you can play this game on your android smartphone. The rules of the game that is owned by this game is that you must be able to arrange cards in sequence in one deck. Full concentration is really needed when playing this game.

2#) Popular android game

In addition to other popular android card games, it is equally exciting to play. The following are some android games that incidentally are very widely played by people.

1. Mobile legend

This game is very popular in various circles. Because indeed when viewed from the daily percentage related to the download, this game has a lot of download processes. When you play this game you will be able to play with four other people. This game is also equipped with a virtual joystick. Where is this virtual joystick can make it easier for you when you’re in this game.

2. Pubg mobile

In addition to the mobile legend, pubg mobile games are also no less often played and are very popular among young people. In this game you must be able to survive until the end of the game. Therefore it takes a variety of strategies to win this game. In addition you can also kill your opponent with the weapons you have.

3. Hago

If you ask an android game that is popular but can be played with ease, then the answer is hago game. Hago has a variety of game options that you can play. In addition you can also easily chat in this game through the chat column. You can even chat through the voice call system.

4. GarenaAov

GarenaAov is a game that can be played on an Android smartphone that is already connected to an internet connection. If you play this game then you will be able to find out various kinds of hero updates from this game. Because every week the hero in the game will be updated.

5. Clash of king

When you play this game then you have to be able to make an empire and also you have to be able to control 7 pieces of fantasy world. The way to defend the kingdom that you have in this game is that you have to be able to form a strong army to attack and defend from enemies.

That was a variety of games that you can play on your Android smartphone. Of course all of these games have different excitement.

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