Popular Crypto and their Market Cap



Crypto has evolved a lot since decades and with the growing elevation comes market capitalization alleviating the growing demands more and more. Bitcoin, the most popular digital currency along with market capitalization, has grown in value by approximately 10 times over the past years. In no time has the digital currencies reached a peak and skyrocketed among the investors’ interest, and what facilitates it more is market capitalization.


So, you need to answer a basic question, what is a market cap in crypto? In simple words, it is the total value of the cryptocurrency. This can be calculated by multiplying the price of respective cryptocurrencies with coins in circulation. However, this is not the same in the case of the stock market and trading. There it is calculated by multiplication in share prices, trading deals are often stabilized by stock investors. DemaTrading can be a suitable place for you to gain knowledge in market capitalization or precise trading techniques.



Bitcoin is a digital currency, most popular among the cryptocurrencies, the best part is it doesn’t require any human involvement to operate. You can easily transfer coins in the form of cash to people and they can send them back to you. The virtual payment availability with bitcoins has grown in the past years. It is the original cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of more than $125 billion with approximately 17.1 bitcoins in circulation.



Ethereum is a digital token that initiated the rise of initial coin offering stands on the top-notch of market cap list in the crypto market. Ethereum is considered as the world’s programmable blockchain with a market cap of approximately $50 billion with a trading rate of about $500 token. We can witness around 100.7 million ETH tokens in circulation in the current market.


Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin cash is created from a fork of bitcoin, a bitcoin cash augments the block’s size permitting more transactions to be processed with improved scalability. Bitcoin cash is one of the popular cryptos while we are talking about the market cap. The complete market cap of Bitcoin cash is approximately $14.5 billion, and with a market price of $843 per token or coin, BTC has a total coin circulation of 17.2 million.



Ripple is the most hyped crypto, with a technology favoring both cryptocurrency and digital payment networking for financial transactions. The main purpose of Ripple is two bridge the gap between currency and networks and it has successfully done its job. The market capitalization of this digital currency is around $19.8 billion with approximately 39 billion tokens in circulation.



EOS is a cryptocurrency platform based on protocols that enunciate transactions at a fast rate with the elimination of transaction fees. It has a market cap of around $7.83 billion with an approx token circulation of 896 million.

Final Words

In the volatile space of monetary transactions, cryptocurrency is the new generation of the price markets. The article caters to the interest of crypto investors by providing knowledge about market capitalization as well.


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