How to Prevent Loss of your Company’s Data

These days, it’s more important than ever to protect your company’s data. With the major advancements in technology over recent years, it’s easy for a business to become the victim of a hacking or data breach. This makes your data and your customers’ or clients’ personal and financial information vulnerable. There are a number of ways you can protect your company’s data and prevent its loss.

Back Up Your Data Regularly

It’s imperative that you back up your data on a regular basis. This is a good preventative practice as well. Structure your backups in a manner that works best for you and make sure to consistently back up all your files. You can divide your data by level of priority and make backups for each level at different intervals. For example, some information is so important that you will want to make backups on a weekly basis. For other things that are not as crucial, you can make backups once a month. In addition, you should test all your backups every so often to ensure that everything is there and properly stored.

Have More Than One Backup System

Diversify your backups with multiple backup systems. In general, you will want to have three distinct backups of your most important data. You can rely on both hard drive and cloud backups, which are offsite. Offsite backups tend to be safer than those in office.

Encrypt Your Data

All your company data, including that on smartphones and tablets, as well as computers used out of the office, should be encrypted. There are two types of encryption on which you can rely: Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), which protects all data transmitted over the Internet by creating a secure line between a device and the company’s server; and password protection in using a unique password for each service.

You should also aim to get a backup system that automatically encrypts all data so that it is secure even if a hacker tries to access it.

Use a Firewall, Antivirus and Anti-Malware Software

Invest in a good firewall and antivirus and anti-malware software. Malware protection is absolutely essential in keeping your company’s most sensitive data safe. Hackers and thieves frequently create a myriad of viruses and other malware to steal data that results in sometimes sizable data breaches.

You should rely on a firewall and antivirus and other anti-malware software that is designed to protect everything regardless of the size or scope of the data. Also, it’s important to update these programs regularly to ensure that they can offer malware protection for all the latest viruses out there.

Protect Your Equipment

It’s important to protect your equipment from issues like static electricity. This can wipe your data clean and damage your computer systems simultaneously. Unfortunately, it’s becoming far more common for company data to get lost as a result of this issue.

Schedule Drills

Schedule drills on a regular basis to restore your information from backups. Inform all of your employees about this drill system to prepare them for it. It can ensure that your most precious company data remains intact.

These are essential steps you should take to prevent the loss of your company’s data. Be diligent and follow these tips to keep all your information as secure as possible.

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