Preventing Mac from Going to Sleep Mode

MacBooks automatically go to sleep mode if you do not use it for a specific time and leave it unattended. It can be not very pleasant to wake the Mac up every time you stop using it while downloading a big file; while a specific app is running, and more. Macs are designed for maximum efficiency. While you are not using a Mac for some time, it automatically goes to sleep mode to preserve the battery wherever it can. Since a poorly set sleep mode can result in poor performance. There are several options on how to keep Mac from going to sleep and increase its efficiency and performance. You can control the sleep on both a temporary and permanent basis to boost Mac performance. 

Preventing Mac

Methods to Prevent Mac to Go to Sleep

It is good to use a Mac with the right energy-saving solutions and techniques to optimize Mac performance. There are many methods and techniques to learn, so let us understand how you can use them to turn your Mac on all the time. 

  • Schedule sleep mode of your Mac
  • Using energy-saving technique
  • Temporary turn off sleep
  • Third-party tools to prevent Mac to go to sleep
  • Prevent Mac from sleep by using Terminal

Using Energy Saving Technique 

If you are using your Mac as a real-time desktop, it goes quite frustrating for you if your Mac goes to sleep. Here is the quick guide to managing your Mac sleep by manually scheduling the sleep mode. 

  1. Go to the “System Preferences” icon and click on it.
  2. Click on the “Energy Saver” icon.
  3. You will find a slider here. Move the slider from right to Power Adapter and Battery Screens on the left side, choosing “Never.”

There is another option to set the sleep mode manually. You can select “Prevent Computer from sleeping automatically when the display is turned off.” This feature will automatically dim the screen’s brightness but will prevent your Mac from going to sleep.

Schedule Sleep Mode of Your Mac

Your Mac allows you to manage the sleep cycle from few minutes to hours or even to never. This is how you can save energy with improved preference as well as schedule your Mac sleep time.

  1. Select “Schedule” from the “Energy Saver System.”
  2. Mark the two checkboxes to set wake up and sleep time manually.
  3. You can choose the timings according to your daily convenience or even choose for every day or just for weekends.

Temporary Prevention to Turn off Sleep

When you leave a Mac for minutes, you probably see its screen becomes slightly dim, and then your screen saver is activated for the next few minutes, and in the end, your display goes black, and your Mac’s sleep mode is started. It is far different from shut down because some of your apps are still running behind actively, like your Mail app and more; yet, it can be inferred for your few activities like downloading a huge file, what happens to it? It gives a boom! The downloading stops.  

  1. You can use apps Amphetamine which is built-in with a robust set of configurations. It keeps your Mac awake for as long as you want until the battery turns to zero.
  2. Uncheck the checkbox “Put the hard disks to sleep when possible.”
  3. Caffeine is an app available in the Mac App Store. It is used to set Mac’s time cycle to sleep from indefinite to a few minutes or even to an hour.
  4. Pmset is a command of Caffeine that is used to mimic the characteristic of Caffeine. It prevents the Mac from sleep with its Power Management Utility effects.
  5. If you do not want your Mac to turn on sleep, you can keep it awake by checking the checkbox “Enable power nap while on battery power” in the “Energy Saver” icon. 
  6. Go to the “Power Adapter” tab and select “Wake for Wi-Fi network access.” This a handy technique to keep you Mac awake.

Third-Party Tools to Prevent Mac to Go to Sleep 

Along with all other techniques offered by Mac, thankfully, here are a few of the third-party tools that make it easy for you to tweak Mac’s sleep settings. 

  1. Amphetamine
  2. Owly
  3. Lungo  



This app is designed with multiple triggers to keep your Mac away from sleep. This app is a user-friendly and relatively more accessible that supports the Mac awake by just making a few settings. You can trigger the external display. Amphetamine activates screen saver, options session times, keeps your Drive awake, offers Hot key supports, and offers many other options for you every time you are away from your Mac or not attending it. This app is easy to configure and gives you full control over your Mac. 


 One of the best apps to control your Mac sleeps, which is just simple. This app is featured to set an amount of time according to your preference. It ensures your display never turns down. For example, you are not using your Mac, but you want your Mac screen to keep your screen active, showing specific information. Owly app is the best bet to choose for your Mac. 


This app is user friendly and gives complete control over the sleep time of your Mac. You can click on the icon and choose the time from a few minutes to an indefinite time. Lungo gives you the liberty to deactivate it any time you want. 

Prevent Mac from sleep by using Terminal

You can make your Terminal session to run to keep your Mac awake. Using Terminal is a default way to set your Mac sleep time according to your preference. Caffeinate your Terminal to keep your Mac awake. Let us guide you on how can you prevent your Mac to go to sleep using the Terminal: 

  1. Go to the Application folder and opens “Terminal.”
  2. Type caffeinate –d.
  3. Press “Enter.” 
  4. Your Mac is now prevented from going to sleep.
  5. Here are many other commands to run like caffeinate-I, caffeinate-m, caffeinate caffeinate-s, caffeinate-t (any number). All these commands are run in Terminal session and keep your Mac active accordingly. 


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