6 Pro Tips To Make Your Vendor Business Grab More Crowd!

Market’s and businesses have come a long way than just confined to brick and mortar shops. Today’s markets are more about shopping destinations with everything from foods to artisanal products as well as a community vibe that attract more people.

Of course, having a trade show, especially when you are just a startup can be both scary as well as frustrating.  Questions like, how will you take up the show display? How will you present it? is there any permission you need for the store and more keep on nagging your mind.

Nevertheless, apart from all the stress stores bring, the only thing which let businesses stick to these fairs is that they help in drawing more sales. Moreover, they are great for increasing exposure and to build a meaningful connection between clients and businesses to draw more sales.

In fact, the stats show that American businesses consider trade shows as one of the most profitable business strategies, with approximate revenue of over 12.8 billion U.S dollars.

If you want to make your brand stand apart in the vendor booth and want to grow direct sales, here are tips that will help you:

Plan And Move:

The first step to any business is a plan, as a little preparation always goes a long way, especially when you are planning a booth at events like music festivals, fairs, markets and more. So, plan accordingly and move! Here’s how you can move:

    • Hands On The Right Equipment: Building a vendor booth means having things like storage, shelter, signage and other required supplies. If you have a booth with the music, lights, video and more, you need to power appliances. Before taking them directly to the place, get them tested beforehand. Also, check the tent and signage section.
  • Who are your potential customers: No two fairs have the same vibe and same audience; it all depends on the theme, location as well as content of the event. So, make sure you do enough research before putting the vendor shop.

Dress To Attract:  

Wear a uniform that not only has an eye-catching appeal, but also offer a degree of legitimacy to your business.  In addition, if you are coming with another employee, ask them to be in matching uniform.

Make Your Table Look Attractive:

Make sure your table look different and attractive! If your booth doesn’t have matching cloth and other accessories, be sure to get them. Work on showing your company’s color and image on your vendor booth. Even if there’s table fabric runners already on your table, bring another one that compliments your company’s theme to add more depth.

Create A Template Of Your Brand’s Name:

Having a template of your company’s name will help you attract more audience. This way, your customers would know what you do, what your business is all about and more. If there’s vacant wall space, use it to show a template of your business. Moreover, instead of buying, you can DIY on cardboard to create a sign to put up on the wall.

Use Social Media To Let Customers Know That You Are Having A Booth:

Let your customers know that you are participating in the trade through social media. Invite them to make a visit and check out the things you are offering on the booth. Create a social media plan, have a page on Facebook to attract more customers, and use other platforms for the promotion.

Giveaways Are Very Important:

People who come to trade shows often expect some giveaways and goodies to take back home. So, don’t forget that! You can offer things like brochures, pens, bags, magnets or anything that show your company’s logo or name on it.

Unique and trendy things often get the buzz only if you work on the strategy related to the brand and industry. So, keep with the above tips in mind and grow your vendor business!  

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