Promote mobile app to get maximum of organic traffic

Getting a top position in the rank is the main aim of apps’ developers. Although it may seem impossible, you can implement certain strategies to promote mobile app and achieve increasing organic traffic flow. In this article, we provide a simple guide for you to boost your app’s position.

First things first, let’s define the two most common promotion strategies – incentive keyword installs and installs by CPI/CPA networks. In the second case, you get first impressions immediately as soon as you start ordering installs. The most well-known service of search and display ads is Google Ads. Such a tactic can be helpful if you need to index a new application or want to balance incentive installs for algorithms not to consider your promotion suspicious. Nevertheless, as soon as you stop the campaign, you stop getting installs i.e. you can’t achieve long-standing results by such a type of promotion. That is completely different if you promote mobile app by motivated keyword installs.

organic traffic

If you buy keyword installs, you have to pick up the relevant keywords, select the region, the number of installs per keyword, and the length of the campaign. As soon as you launch this campaign, real users enter the chosen keyword in the search field, download your application, and simulate in-app activity. After that, they keep your app on their phones for up to 14 days, and in this way, show the algorithm a motivated behavior.

Thus, the install is tracked by the algorithm, and your position by this keyword is enhancing. Nevertheless, these incentive users don’t make any purchases in your application, they just reproduce some actions that positively affect the rank. After buying installs, you get it the same day, but you should wait for up to 2 days to see the results. In the first days, your position may drop – don’t worry, it means that the algorithm is recalculating your rank. You can track your first results in the Google Play or App Store Console.

When you focus on mobile app promotion with installs

So, if you have chosen incentive keyword installs as a part of your marketing strategy, you should address firms that offer such services. E. g. is one of the leading companies that can help you with keyword installs. You should take into account that before stepping up to buying installs, you have to make ASO for your app – on your own or ask the professional. The visual part (icon and screenshots) have to entice the clients. As a rule, users tend to pay particular attention to the icon, so you have to show up among your competitors.

Then, make keyword research and define the most relevant search inputs for your app. By adding them to your title, subtitle, description, and even screenshots, you can improve your app’s visibility as well. Writing a description, focus on the main features of your app, benefits in comparison with your rivals, and keywords density. Don’t add an extensive amount of keywords, as the algorithm may ban your app.

As you know, users scroll the top 10 search results to choose an app to download i.e. your app has to get the highest position. However, striving for quick growth or too ambitious plans won’t bring you results. Consider the keywords you’re going to promote carefully. At the early stage, it’s recommended to use less competitive but still relevant keywords. Let us cite an example. If you’re promoting a dating app, it may seem obvious that the search input dating app will be the most precise.

Nevertheless, it’s a short-tail keyword that will require a huge number of installs to boost your app’s rank. Not to waste your budget, you can begin with long-tail keywords and reach the top position by them. So, in our case, it’s advisable to use such inquiries as dating near me, dating nearby app, near me dating app. Order 10-15 installs per day for each keyword and increase the amount gradually. That’s it! After the end of the campaign, you won’t get any incentive installs, but it doesn’t mean that you’ll lose your position. If your app is optimized, the results of the promotion will ensure you have more organic traffic. To get detailed guidance and promote mobile app effectively, contact

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