How To Protect Yourself When Paying Online

Using the internet to make online payments to utility, phone, credit card, insurance and other companies saves considerable time and effort. There are, however, risks associated with online payments and you need to take care when making them.

Tips To Protect Yourself When Paying Online

I am providing the some tips that will definitely help you to protect you payment process when you pay using some apps or other instruments. Please read them step by step and when you do your task use them for your benefits.

Double Check Your Details Of Payment

Check credit card and bank statements carefully after payment to ensure that the correct debited, and also that no fraud has taken place as a result of the transaction. Before entering payment card details on a website, ensure that the link is secure

Be wary of communications You Don’t Initiate

Never give sensitive information to a caller who called you. Sensitive information should only be given on calls that you made using known phone numbers. Validate emails that ask for financial transactions or access to something sensitive.  Validate by calling. Do not open emails from senders you do not recognize and never open attachments unless you are sure the email is genuine.

Use strong Authentication

Strong authentication should be used for validation of all critical processes. Online banking and financial systems should all be configured to use strong authentication. Privileged access to systems and applications should be configured to use strong authentication. All online login accounts should be configured for strong authentication.

Ensure your computer always has up to date anti-virus software.

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Update software on your computer and smart devices

Making payments online requires you to input sensitive details, like card numbers, so you need to be careful. Always install the latest software and app updates, because they contain vital security patches that help protect your device from viruses and hackers.

Always choose strong passwords for your online accounts

Using a combination of upper case, lower case, number and special characters. Using a phrase or sentence is good practice. Use a strong and separate password for your email account, and other most important accounts. Create a strong password using three memorable but random words, never use personal details such as family names or your place of birth. These words mixed with capital letters, special characters and numbers to make them even trickier to guess.

 Use a credit card or PayPal and use Reliable website such as famedwritings

Ideally, you should only shop with retailers that have secure payment methods, such as PayPal. This, as well as using credit cards, will give you buyer protection in case there is ever a payment dispute. Always be wary of websites that only accept cash orders, and review your bank statements regularly to ensure everything is in order.

Never save your password or username on any of your online accounts.

Anyone who gets access to your computer can trace the browsing history, and if your personal information saved they could then access your accounts. The same is true if you are using public computers on an Internet cafe, check if there is anyone watching over your shoulder trying to spy on your username and password.

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