5 Reasons Structured Cabling Is the Right Solution You Haven’t Considered Yet

It’s no secret that each year wireless networks are becoming more and more important. In fact, wireless connectivity has expanded at an incredible rate. This is because of the explosive increase in the number of people using mobile devices.

Have you considered upgrading to structured cabling for your wireless network? This type of cabling is designed to provide enhanced telecommunication infrastructure for your business.

This article takes a look at the reasons it’s time to make the move to a structured cabling system. So keep reading to discover the benefits of this technology.

  1. Increased Adaptability

One major advantage of structure cable is that it won’t become outdated anytime soon. How is this possible? Because it offers wide bandwidth capable of supporting an incredible amount of video and other forms of multimedia without interruption.

This enables your wireless network to expand as your business continues to grow.

  1. Reduced Downtime

This type of network cabling also makes problem-solving easier. Your team will waste less time trying to isolate connectivity issues typically experienced with traditional multiple wiring infrastructures.

This is a huge benefit to your company because it results in less downtown for workers who are impacted by a loss of connectivity. Problems can be isolated and fixed faster so that everyone can get back to work, thus saving you money.

  1. Enhanced Flexibility

Enhanced flexibility means you can quickly and easily make changes within your wireless network. These upgrades are vital to the growth and performance of your business, allowing you to both save money and increase revenue.

The flexibility provided by structure cabling also results in less downtown for installations, thus minimizing costly network outages.

  1. It’s Easy to Manage

Believe it or not, a structured cabling system is significantly easier to manage than a traditional multiple wiring infrastructure. This means you will be able to spend far less time talking through repair issues with your networking team.

In fact, the upgraded infrastructure enables you to easily troubleshoot the issue, locate the failure, and take steps to resolve the problem.

Being able to quickly find out which cable is connected to which location will make your life easier and keep your team focused on more important tasks.

  1. Overall Simplicity

Another of the big benefits of this type of network infrastructure is its overall simplicity of design. It’s actually very straightforward. Thus there is a minimal learning curve, making the training and troubleshooting process a breeze.

Whereas a traditional wireless network has many wires to organize, a single system greatly reduces the complexity that your team is forced to deal with when networking issues arise.

The Major Benefits of Installing a Structured Cabling Network

Information is the lifeblood of business. And now more than ever, businesses rely on their wireless networks to keep vital data and video flowing. The information contained in this article helps you to better understand the value of upgrading your network to structured cabling so that you won’t fall behind the competition.

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