Reasons Why Instagram Banned IG Bots

Instagram bots were once the greatest, yet ironically the tiniest, thing that’s happened with regards to amassing exponential growth in followers, likes, comments, etc. Or at least, that’s what many used to believe, and still believe to this day.

Why did Instagram take even greater measures in ensuring that such bot-driven instruments are terminated, to the point that their new algorithms are able to block accounts found to be run by bots?

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Instagram Banned IG Bots

Plus, learn about the reason why Instagram banned bots altogether in the first place

A Community Of Faux Users

No social media and social networking platform want to nurture a community littered with users who aren’t real. In fact, no business, organization, or any kind of group does, for that matter. It isn’t inviting in the perspective of thinking in the “long-term”.

With Instagram’s (and a number of other online platforms’) move on making and keeping things genuine and as real as real can be, promoting legitimate strategies in gaining followers is among their tenets.

The Problem With Faux Content

What about content created by bots? Well, to be fair, it’s kind of incredible that something non-human can come up with a comment that’s, for lack of a better term, cohesive. And bots achieve this in record time.

Non-human interactions and non-human content have their advantages. Bots take less than half the time an average human would, to produce them. But the disadvantages outweigh and definitely outnumber the benefits. Non-human responses are, in themselves, hindrances to building a solid following.

They may work for the time being. But as all enterprises flow, whether traditional or online, longevity is the key to success. And interactions rendered by bots will only go so far, for so long.

However, Instagram, along with millions of other users, have noticed that there are tons of comments and messages that… don’t seem to make sense.

See, bots will render content solely based on hashtags and/or words related to what’s encoded in their programming. Their degree of detection revolves around very specific words and/or phrases. But they cannot, literally and technically speaking, comprehend of a post and what it means.
Hence, myriads of annoyed users have complained about irrelevant responses. That instead of commenting directly about the post, bots generate random phrases and sentences that have to do with ONLY one or two words found in said post. Accordingly, these responses appear highly irrelevant to the post.

Bad For Business

Thirdly, bot-backed responses, because of their lack of authenticity thereof, are difficult to measure and applied into real KPIs. We’re not only talking about the ROI of individual users and their accounts and/or businesses. We’re talking about Instagram’s analytics of what works and what doesn’t, on their very own platform.

Therefore, investors won’t want to go all-in on something that’s riddled with deceptive numbers. The same is true on the individual level. Users deserve to know whether the accounts following them and liking and commenting on their posts, are authentic, or are mere manipulations by bots. You deserve to know that your account is generating authentic responses or not.

It’s bad for business for Instagram itself. It’s bad for business for you.

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