Reasons why you must upgrade your legacy applications today

Nothing makes visitors click the Back button faster than having difficulty finding content, links that don’t work, or navigating problems. Explore your site in different browsers and on different devices. Also, outdated internal programs interfere with productive business. It is not necessary to hire a staff of programmers to update the software and make it more relevant to the market requirements. It is enough to contact the python company with the order.

How outdated software functionality spoils your life

The concept of functionality includes:

  • Navigation and structure;
  • Various add-ons (online consultation chats, pop-up messages and forms, calculators, tracking packages, filters, quick access to the basket, etc.);
  • Interactive elements (buttons, links);
  • hints generated on the basis of statistics of visits of an individual user and his interests (lists of previously viewed, top sales, information about discounts and promotions relevant to him);
  • Variability of entry and registration (the ability to enter not only via email or phone, but also using social networks).

If we are talking about sites, then you can also add the presence of a connection between your site and social media accounts to this list. It’s also important to replace long and confusing URLs with clear and short ones. You can get more information if you ask questions at

What should be analyzed first?

All elements of the system should be aimed at user convenience. Whether it’s navigating through the pages, searching for information or interacting with elements, everything should be as simple and intuitive as possible, clear and structured.

To understand where to look for a problem, you need to answer the following questions:

  1. Is navigation convenient? You need to minimize the number of clicks required to find information or take an action.
  2. Is it convenient to perceive the content? The text should be structured and separated by headings.
  3. Are the elements consistent? The rule of one style applies here. If it is a button, then it should be the same as the others.
  4. To what extent is the functionality implemented?
  5. Are there hints that the user doesn’t have to think twice with?

Updating functionality on the example of redesigning an online store

Outdated functionality can lead to a lack of conversions. Often platforms that have been in operation for more than 5 years are based on old layouts. There may also be an inconvenient system for ordering goods or all available forms of payment are missing.

Possible improvements:

  • Drawing up a new SEO-structure of the store;
  • Creation of a unique design using corporate elements of the organization;
  • Expansion of the delivery and ordering functionality;
  • Adding the ability to adapt the price depending on the collected product;
  • Development of deep customization and synchronization with 1C;
  • Separate study of the adaptive version of the store;
  • Optimization of download speed.

Setting up e-commerce, integration with Email services, setting remarketing codes for contextual advertising will also help improve the conversion.

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