Send & Receive Fax without Any Fax Machine

Fax is still alive and is preferred by many offices to send and receive faxes both nationally and internationally. The difference now is that fax can be exchanged without the burden of extra expenses. You don’t have to purchase a fax machine and a separate landline for establishing the fax services.

Faxing services are made better and lightning fast with the development of online faxing services. These services are the interface between the analog fax and digital internet signals. Many online faxing services are available. Before choosing any of them to know about the features it has to offer.

CocoFax: professional online faxing service

CocoFax is the online service mentioned by the Google fax-free blog site as an answer to how do I fax without a fax machine. CocoFax is on the top because of its top-notch services and distinguished features it has to offer.

CocoFax is entirely dependent on the internet and there is no requirement of connecting the device with any landline. Fax is sent via digital signals in the form of digital files like pdf, Docx, docs, etc. 

This faxing service can send and receive faxes without operating through a fax machine. It does not feed on paper or ink for faxing.

CocoFax features: Is it reliable to send and receive fax without a fax machine?

To dig into the details of CocoFax features Google fax-free blog is present to answer your questions on the Google Fax Free website. Sending and receiving fax via CocoFax is much safer and reliable. There is no need to print out the documents and leave them open.

In this way, the breach of security is not possible. CocoFax gives its users a free fax number. This fax number is also available online without the hassle of calling the telephone operator. The speed is much faster than a conventional fax machine.

After sending a fax, CocoFax sends a notification of successful delivery. CocoFax has been mentioned and endorsed by many big enterprises Like the PC world, the New York Times, and iGeeksBlog. CocoFax has email to fax and fax to email service as well. This has made the CocoFax preferable choice of the Young generation.

Is it intricate to send a fax via the CocoFax dashboard?

The process is so simple and less perplexing than the traditional method of faxing. To assist, CocoFax has provided a video tutorial on the official site.

Step 1:

First and foremost, open the and click on the free trial option on the top right corner. This will allow you to use the CocoFax services free of cost for one month. In the registration process, the first step is to choose a free fax number

CocoFax gives you the privilege of choosing the fax number of your choice. In the next step, you have to enter the first and last name with the email address of that account you want to synchronize with the CocoFax account. This account will get the faxes and store them in the inbox.

Step 2:

After getting registered with the CocoFax account you can access its dashboard through any web browser. With a fast internet connection, just log in to your account and the dashboard will appear on the screen. To send the fax click on the “new fax” option given in the top left corner.

Step 3: 

Now you have to fill the template which will pop up on the screen. This is similar to the one you fill before sending the email.

To field:

In this field, the fax number of the person you want to send person you want to send the fax to will be added. You can send a fax to both the fax machine and online faxing service without facing any difficulty.

Send fax via CocoFax from email account:

 In case of sending a fax directly from an email inbox, the fax number you will enter in this field will be followed by the suffix If the fax number is 123456 you will enter “[email protected].


This field is not necessary to fill in. If you will type some text there it will appear as the title of that fax.


 The same is the case with this field. You can leave it empty or can enter the summary or co tact details of yours here.


Now lastly, to attach the document you want to send, click on the paper clip option and the window will open showing folders and documents. Select the files you want to fax and it will get attached here. You can fax multiple files at the same time to save time.

Step 4:

After drafting the fax hit the send button and CocoFax will send the fax to the recipient. You don’t have to worry about successful delivery because CocoFax will I form you about this through a notification on the dashboard.

Receive fax via CocoFax:

Receiving a fax is easy as you just have to open the dashboard and incoming faxes will be available for you there. You can read them from your inbox too. This whole process is free of any printing. The storage space is huge and CocoFax can keep the record of faxes for the lifetime of the account.

CocoFax has an upper hand on the traditional fax machine because there is no need to keep the device on 24/7 to receive the fax. CocoFax will receive all the faxes and will also translate the analog files from fax machine I to digital files.


In the end to wrap up the discussion it can be concluded that CocoFax is no doubt the best online service available for sending and receiving the fax without using any old fashioned fax machine. CocoFax has earned the trust of its users by providing economical, fast, and safe online faxing services.

CocoFax has made the faxing fun by excluding the extra steps of printing the papers out and waiting for the confirmation of delivery. Anyone can use its services around the world without any restrictions. CocoFax has made the faxing a matter of a few clicks which you can do while traveling or while sitting in an office.

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