Top 5 Remote Desktop Apps You Should Consider

The tech space is undergoing revolutionary dynamics in terms of solutions and software. Among the solutions is the remote desktop app which has become a norm in today’s tech advanced world. The solution operates by allowing a mobile device to run a desktop environment remotely. Interestingly, the mobile device acts mainly as the display mechanism that allows the user to interact with the computing device.

In particular, a remote desktop app is a feature that operates in a similar manner to an operating system which powers computing devices. For starters, this kind of set up is possible for client-server environments. This is to say that one can connect the mobile device (client device) to a server and use the remote desktop app to channel the server via the client device.

Remote controlling of computing devices is gaining traction due to the convenience that comes with remote administration. Notably, remote administration is simply a situation where a mobile device takes over the operations of a desktop and such that the owner can issue commands to the desktop remotely from the mobile device.

Today, remote desktop apps come with numerous functionalities. With an Android device, one can easily access the services of the solution. Hitherto, there are numerous apps that promise to give the user the best remote experience. Here are the top five:

Chrome Remote Desktop App

Google may be the most important search engine today but Chrome is proving that there is much more Alphabet Inc. can do. Certainly, Chrome is widely used as a free browser but the fact that Alphabet availed a free Chrome Remote Desktop makes the browser even more attractive. This is one of the easiest remote desktop app to use since all one needs to do is sign in the personal google account and run through the quick easy steps of set up. Given the ubiquity of Google in the internet ecosystem, the app ensures that one is connected across all the devices which have a Google account.

Microsoft Remote Desktop App

Of competing remote desktop apps, Microsoft desktop app can favorably compete with Chrome desktop app. There is no special skill that is needed in operating a Microsoft remote desktop app. This is because it basically works the same way as the Chrome desktop app.

On the positive side, when working with a windows device to perform a task using a Microsoft remote desktop app, you don’t need Google Chrome installation for the app to work. Furthermore, this app allows one to connect to the Windows PCs from other Windows devices effortlessly.

Splashtop personal remote desktop app

Are you on a tight budget? If your answer is yes, then the perfect remote desktop app for you is Splashtop personal remote desktop app. This app is relatively cheaper compared to other apps yet it performs all the functions that they perform efficiently.

It saves you the financial strain while on the other hand offers you satisfactory services. In addition, it performs other extra tasks like webcam access and can also be accessed on any network including mobile data. To sum it up all, this app; however, not popular uses simple security options in operating making it easy for the user to manipulate.

TeamViewer remote desktop app.

Class, quality, style, efficiency all summed up into one app will definitely give you TeamViewer remote desktop app. This app remotely connects users using various devices like desktops and mobile phones. Interestingly, it combines online meeting and remote access a feature which is not found in any other remote desktop app.

This, coupled with its comprehensive multi-level high security feature makes it unique amongst all remote desktop apps. However, this uniqueness limits the number of users of the app and most of the time only corporate organizations are in the position to utilize it.  Its expensive nature requiring monthly subscription and a complex interface which only an expert can work on further makes it a no go app for those who cannot afford to run and operate it.

AnyDesk remote desktop app.

It’s not enough that a remote desk app solution is available for free. However, the solution should be able to offer an extra set of benefits that sets it apart from competition. Interestingly, AnyDesk offers an experience like no other especially when it comes to unattended remote access to your desktop via a mobile device.

With this solution, users can effortlessly transfer files from the remote device to the “server” without having to go through a router through forward ports.

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