Reseller Hosting: How to Organize Your Hosting Business

Reseller Hosting: How to Organize Your Hosting Business

Reseller hosting is renting a server to further resell its parts under another brand. A reseller can either independently configure parts of the server machine or use the services of a hosting company. The convenience of reseller hosting is that the original hosting company takes care of all the hardware and organization issues. A reseller only finds clients for further reselling services.

Will I Be Able to Make Money on Reseller Hosting?

Certainly. Reseller hosting is your opportunity to organize your own business. It is a reliable business with no additional hassle or financial investment. You do not need to hire staff and set up the technical aspects of hosting. The service provider takes care of all this. And you create your own company and acquire your own clients. Thanks to inexpensive hosting pricing packages, you will be able to attract many customers from the first months and occupy a stable niche in the hosting services market.

Support of the Parties

Hosting Provider:

  • provides technical support for the server

  • ensures the functioning of the hardware and components of the computer

  • provides round-the-clock technical support and consultation to the reseller


  • provides hosting services to clients under its own brand

  • independently sets tariff plans

  • provides assistance and support to its clients

Quality Provider

One of the most important points to start your reseller business is to find a quality software provider. is a trusted company that provides unlimited reseller hosting UK.

The company provides professional software and modern unlimited hosting. This includes:

  • unlimited domains

  • subdomains

  • database

  • bandwidth

  • SSL safety certificates

  • more than 70 accounts

  • name servers has an overall rating of 5 stars out of 5 on a reputable reviewer platform TrustSpot.  The rate is based on over 270 verified reviews of satisfied customers. For customer support, the service offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and 24/7 technical consultation.

Pricing Plans offers 4 pricing packages of reseller hosting: Micro, Startup, Professional, and Master. The prices start from £8,95 per month. All website hosting reseller packages include certain parameters:

  • Disk capacity storage from 25 to 250 GB

  • Unlimited bandwidth for all pricing plans

  • Up to 75 independent accounts of server management panel

  • Access to WHM (Web Host Manager), which is a control tool for resellers to manage all clients, accounts, and settings

Moreover, you can add extra accounts for £0,29-£0,45 per account depending on a plan.


If you need to request a quote or read more technical specifications, address in several ways:

  • Send your message on Cross to the Contact inset, enter your name, e-mail, and questions you are interested in

  • Visit the head office in London

  • Call (203)-318-4905 within the UK or +44-203-318-4905 globally

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