3 savoir-vivre tips when using a taxi service

People who tip for a high-quality service are thought to be well-behaved. It is common to appreciate a great service in a restaurant and an airport shuttle driver that arrived on time. It should be obvious too to tip a privately hired driver. Usually, in Sheffield taxi service quote customers pay the necessary amount plus a 10% tip for a ride. Having a fantastic service experience, you should consider tipping the driver more than 10%. Why? Because it shows respect toward the person who provided their service in a high standard – e.g. brought you to the airport for an international business flight and carried your heavy suitcase.

\What is polite in case of a taxi ride?

First of all, think about a taxi service as an essential service when it comes to being on time in the desired place. The more respect you show to the person behind the wheel, the more your trip will be comfortable. In Conrad Travel taxi driversare always welcoming, so they answer your greeting with pleasure as you enter the car. Also, if you would like to eat a snack or have a sip of water, don’t hesitate to ask the driver for permission. Don’t slam the door behind you – it is a bit rude but in case of an airport shuttle every taxi driver understands that you might be running late and you didn’t mean to be rude.

Tipping a regular taxi  versus tipping a minibus driver – difference

The rule for tipping the taxi driver is simple here. The bigger the vehicle, the more you tip (remember that tipping is a proper manner, not an obligation). It is common to tip a minibus taxi in Sheffield two or three pounds more, especially when the taxi driver helps you with your heavy luggage. Moreover, when you feel like talking about your holidays or ask for tips, feel free to start a conversation. If would also be kind of you to treat a driver – in should be taken in good part, although most drivers would refuse.

Unusual service – inform the taxi driver before the ride

If you have a pet to transport, you are going with your sports equipment somewhere or moving houses – let the driver know beforehand. It would be polite of you and would set the atmosphere during the ride in a positive way. If you have big boxes because you are moving out, order Conrad Taxi – the company has 8 Seater Executive minibus or 16 Seater Minibus that accommodate all your stuff, so your transfer is comfortable, in a planned time-frame and stress-free. If you need more space or travelling in a bigger group, choose 16 Seater Bus to have a comfortable ride with friends and family.

To sum up, it is not obligatory to tip a driver but it is polite to provide cab driver with a small amount of extra money. A lot of taxi drivers are friendly, laid-back people who like to be around other people, help them and provide their service at the best quality. Tipping is a perfect occasion to show that you respect the service provided. It is also the easiest way to see sheer smile on the other person’s face.


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