How to Sell Your MacBook Air In 2020

Want to sell your MacBook Air but you are wondering how to go about the entire process? Sit back and relax!

This post will help you with all the steps you need from the beginning to the end of the selling process. Just continue reading.

If you are considering selling your Mac computer, these helpful tips will help you. Before you shove your Mac in a box and call it a day, you must understand that your computer, just as your smartphone contains your private data and information.

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How to Sell Your MacBook Air

Selling your Mac with all the data intact is like letting the person you are selling the Mac to know a lot about you.

There are numerous steps for setting up most Mac computers before selling. We will go through the steps to help you know how to.

Clean It On The Outside

A used Mac is likely to have some scratches here and there but physically cleaning it can make it look good and keep it in a sellable state.

You must clean the keyboard, the trackpad and the screen plus the case. To ensure you don’t cause damage to the screen, use a microfiber cloth and a cleanser which is alcohol-free.

Back Up Your Data And Information

To back up your Mac is to ensure you can still access your data even after cleaning your machine on the inside by formatting. You should make sure to create a copy of your personal data and information in a safe place. The best way to back up your Mac is to use Time Machine.

Sign Out of iTunes

If you have an active iTunes account, you should not make a mistake to sell it before you sign out of the account.

  • Open iTunes
  • Go to Account
  • Choose Authorizations
  • Click Deauthorize This computer
  • If prompted enter your Apple ID passcode
  • Click Deauthorize
  • Sign Out of iMessage
    • Go Messages
    • Click iMessage
  • Go to Preferences
  • Choose Accounts
  • Click your iMessage Account
  • Click Sign Out
  • If prompted click Sign Out again.
  • Format and Reinstall macOS

The last step is to format the hard drive and install a clean copy of the operating system. To securely format your hard drive, use the secure erase feature in Disk Utility when cleaning the hard drive.  

You are good to Go

Once you are done with the above steps, it’s time to sell your Mac.

Sell it to a friend

There are numerous ways to sell your Mac. First, you can sell it to Macback.US website or sell it to a friend or a relative. You can post pictures of your Mac on social media to find friends interested to buy it.

Trade it into your local Mac reseller

You can sell your Mac to an Apple retail store but if you know a local Apple-authorized third-party reseller you can offer to trade it in there. Note that a reseller will accept it if it is still in a good condition since they will also want to resell it.

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