3 Methods To Set CPU Priority to Prefer Foreground apps 2019

There are methods in this article to set cpu priority to prefer foreground apps on your operating system. It can help you to maximize the performance of the system and You can select the preference to your operations or software that can increase their working speeds.

Do you want to set CPU priority to prefer foreground apps in windows? or Are you getting an error due to the running of numerous foreground apps or your system is freezing or crashing multiple time at the time of your work? To fix these issue I have a suggestion to follow, and you need to set CPU priority to prefer foreground apps on the windows system.

Why this suggestion is appropriate for you to do for solving the issues. Take an example that you are playing high standard video games and other on your system and apps like news, play store, and window music player also using the windows resources like CPU, ram, and others. They decrease your system performances, and you can think that your system has other issues.

Set CPU Priority to Prefer Foreground apps

By setting CPU priority to foreground apps, you can choose what application uses your resources most.  It helps you to grow your system speed for the particular task like gaming, editing and downloading. In my opinion, this example gave you the clear understanding about why you need to do this operation.

When you buy a laptop or Windows PC, there are many pre-installed apps and software inbuilt with your operating system. They start to work automatically in the background and use of system resources without giving any notification to the user.

If you are using multiple tasks, then every function has a priority in the CPU list then it loads all processes related to your jobs in the background.  The conclusion of this process makes your system speed very slow due to numerous program start to run altogether.

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To set CPU priority to prefer foreground apps, the user needs to know about windows services functionality. In windows services, every service or program depends on two things one is resource usages and timing of the element.

Now, I am proceeding towards the solutions or methods that can answer your question “How to set CPU priority to prefer foreground apps in windows.” I used two processes to finish this work for my windows system. So, I am sharing my experience that I used to know about the background process and set the state of running tasks.

Method 1: Using Windows GUI

This process is more straightforward as compared to the second way of setting the tasks. It is based on the Windows graphical user interface and by using setting element of the window. Follow these simple steps to achieve the smoother system performance.

1. If you are a user for windows ten then click on the search bar in the lower taskbar.

2. Search “control panel”  in it, and you can see a “control panel”desktop app.

3. Now control panel appears in front of your eyes with a new window.

4. Click on System And Security Item then click on the system button (in the right side of this window).


5. After clicking on the system button you can see a button on the left side of this new screen with the title “advance system setting.”

6. After tapping “advance system setting” button a new tab open on the screen.

7. Now click on the setting button appearing the area of performance.

8. Now a new window opens on the screen with the title of “performance option.” Choose the “advanced” option in the top tab bar.

advanced setting windows

9. You can adjust program or background services using two differ checkboxes. Use “program” for receiving better performance with your foreground apps.

Method 2: Using RUN box

1. Hold window and R key, and run window will open in lower part of your screen.

2. Type “regedit” and click on “ok” button to start registry editor.

3. Reach to the following folder or registry :


4. Now, Change the values of Win32PrioritySeparation.

In it change value data between 2 to 26 according to your requirement.

Method 3: Took Help From Task Manager

Task manager can help you to stop some background programs. So, you can increase the speed and performance of your foreground apps.

1.  Hold keys ctrl, alt and delete.

2. Click on task manager and a new window will appear with the list of now running foreground apps on your system.

set cpu oriority to prefer foreground apps

3. Click on more details if you can not be able to see the background processes on your screen.

4. Now you can see the stats of related to background apps that are taking more resources.

5. click on that service and then press end task button.

These steps are profitable and practical to set CPU priority to prefer foreground apps on windows 10, 8, 7 and other versions also. Because of windows control panel is changed very little as compared to other GUI presentations. Every process is made for different kinds of a person like the first method helpful everyone and second one valuable for programmers to set a preference for background apps.

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In my opinion, this information is smooth and simple to decide CPU priority to prefer foreground apps for your windows versions. In the second method, you used the apps of background through the Windows Registry process.


My thoughts, I complete my task of writing a guide related to the question with full practical methods. Now, you need to decide that its right and wrong for your requirement.

Please let me know in the comment and share if you like it. Thanks for reaching till the last!

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