Shopping In America is Now Super Easy!

It’s annoying when you have spent valuable time searching your favorite item to purchase and after trying to make an order, you receive a message you cannot shop while in the UK. Thanks to the internet, customers have a wide variety of goods to choose from and they enjoy huge discounts as well.

In the case where you have successfully searched for an item online and it allows Shopping from USA, the shopping costs are in most cases overpriced.

Now get rid of all the barriers that stand between customers when you shop in the states. The website works in a simple way. Customers register and they’re given a US shipping address and from there they can begin shopping. Their items will be shipped to the allocated address where they are consolidated and shopped at once. No more waiting for boxes to arrive one at a time. Customers end up saving lots of money amounting to 7% in tax total.

How does it work?

Following these steps, customers will have their items shipped from the USA in no time.

Step 1: Registration

It’s free to register and after which you get a free US shipping address where your items are consolidated before being shipped to the UK. Customers aren’t charged storage costs.

Step 2: Shop online

The shopping begins. You can shop at any store in the US. What’s more, you enjoy the same prices as the Americans.

Step 3: Your parcel arrives

Your items are consolidated and packed as one ready for shipping to the UK. Get free storage for 90 days in a safe place.

Step 4: Discounted shipping

Choose from a couple of payment methods including PayPal, and Web money and enjoy huge discounts.

Step 5: Shipping

You can use DHL, USPS FedEx to have items shipped to the UK. Customers receive a tracking code to help them know the status of their items such as dispatch and arrival dates.

The Ship7 Advantage

There are many reasons to choose Ship7 when Shopping from USA

  • Customers shop from the comfort of their homes across the US and get to enjoy huge discounts and access to a wide variety of products.’
  • Experience spanning over three decades meaning you can rest assured your package is in the right hands.
  • Package consolidation and packaging ensures your package arrives as one item helping you save on money.
  • Good working relationships with global shipping companies such as DHL, FedEx, and USPS.
  • Customers enjoy huge discounts, pay the same price as Americans for goods.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Secure and a wide range of payment options.
  • Guaranteed shopping safety.
  • Get to know the newly released items.
  • Package tracking.
  • Timely email notification on delivery status.
  • Customs compliance support.

Where can customers shop?

Customers get access to globally renowned brands such as Samsung, eBay, Amazon, Harrods, Adidas, and many more. If you don’t have the time, Ship7 can help with shopping. All you have to do is reveal your preferences and the rest will be taken care of. The customer’s item will be shipped to your US address for consolidation.

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