The 6 Simplest Tips To Beat Applicant Tracking Systems

An applicant tracking system is one type of software that the companies or the employers use for recruitment or hiring procedure for collecting, sorting, scanning and ranking the hundreds and thousands of job applications for the respective vacancies.

The applicant tracking system was built as a helping tool for large companies and organizations however, nowadays; even small scale institutions prefer to use it for their own convenience. Before we discuss the tips for beating the applicant tracking system, you must know the working mechanism of ATS.

ATS divides the resume into different categories and look for the particular keywords related to the job specification and on this basis, the job application is passed on to the recruiter.

Those who do not get to pass the screening through ATS system, they get disqualified and the best advantage of using this is that recruiter does not have to waste his or her time in evaluating all the applicants’ profile. Rather, those applications which are most suitable will only be processed further.

So now the question is will your resume beat the Applicant Tracking System (ATS)? Let us look at the top 6 tips that would surely help you in optimizing your resume so as to pass this screening software. The top 6 tips for writing a resume are mentioned below:

1. Being precise is the key

It is advisory for the applicant candidates to avoid using irrelevant or unnecessary words in writing a resume because it will surely decrease the likelihood of getting selected. ATS works according to the exact requirements of the organization or recruiter.

Therefore, make sure that you don’t miss out on important things by stuffing not so important words. Writing to the point is always beneficial.

2. Simplicity rules here

Candidates are recommended to make use of simple language so that there are minimum chances of any misinterpretation.

ATS works electronically and being a mere software, there is a possibility that the important points get missed if the language is too tough to interpret. Make sure that the relevant skills are appropriately highlighted.

3. Avoid the use of abbreviations

Acronyms can put you in trouble as you never know what full form ATS has considered. If you are using any short form, then keep a note that you should write it in words also.

Also, ATS specifically analyses the first page of the resume, hence it is considered to be better of the abbreviations are mentioned later after the contents of the first page are complete. One can use the acronyms later on.

4. Correct grammar is important

If you are planning to write a resume, then correct grammar should be used. Make sure that you keep the language simple, not so complex sentences. It is advisable to use short sentences for getting best results. One should not use complex terminology at all.

Generic words and relevant content should be there as per the specifications and requirements of the company or corporation or organization.

5. Prepare well before writing

ATS searches for the top best attributes relevant to the job profile of the organization. Thus, it simply means that thousands of applications get rejected due to the lack of precision on the first page of the resume.

Hence, it is of utmost importance that you put more attention while writing the first page of your resume, first prepare what you have to write. Also, decide the type of format you want to use for making your resume more appealing. Once you decide what all is required to be mentioned, make sure that you write all the necessary information on the first page of your resume.

6. Being honest will always help you

Last but not least, one should always be honest while writing the resume as many applicants go crazy just to get selected and even mention skills that they do not even possess.

Even if you pass this ATS software screening, but then you will lose in the interview round. Therefore, being honest is always the easiest and the most suitable choice in any circumstance including writing a resume.


These are the top 6 tips that will surely help you in making the best of your skills while writing a resume and beating the ATS for getting selected to go for your desired job.

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