11 Best Sites Like Aliexpress (Online Shopping Stores)

Sites like Aliexpress are the online stores for shopping and buying things in the present year. These online sites are the preferred choice of consumers to get items without going to the shop and other places. Aliexpress like sites offers some services that are reliable, prominent and easy to use.

In the current era of internet, everybody prefers to buy the thing like clothes, accessories and other materials online and sites like Aliexpress allows the platform to do stuff like it.

Online shopping is something which is most trending in the world nowadays. People tend to visit the online shopping websites instead of attending the market. This shopping helps in saving the time as well as getting the product delivered at home. Life has become simple as never.


There are some online shopping provider giants in the world. When Jack Ma gave his idea of online shopping with alibaba.com website, no one thought that it would be such a huge success. Later on, companies like Amazon and Flipkart entered into the business and made huge profits. Such another website is express.

Sites Like Aliexpress

Aliexpress has its root in China, and it offers products worldwide. The parent company of Aliexpress is Alibaba itself. Let us know about the top sites like Aliexpress.

1. Banggood

This website is a Chinese E-Commerce company which initially specialized in computer software research and development but later on became an international e-commerce service provider.

It offers the range of more than 2 lakh products and promises to provide the best bang for your buck as its tagline says. The minimum order quantity is zero, and several payment methods are available.


I always rate Banggood a very productive site in the case of Sites like Aliexpress due to its database, range of products and availability in the online market.

2. Deals Machine

Deals Machine is a wholesale shopping website and has expanded since their launch. The specialty of this website is the prices it offers the product at. They provide high-quality goods at factory direct prices.

They also work with full dedication towards providing best service to its customers. Because of all these properties, I mention this place is my favorite option when I look into the sites like Aliexpress.

3. DX Soul

It is one of the most similar websites that exist as a more significant Aliexpress competitor. The significant difference between both of them is that DX soul offers a lot of special deals And coupons which are not available on Aliexpress. In the case of electronic products, this website is highly competitive to Aliexpress.


If you are looking for mobile phones, electric machines and items then go with DX soul to full fill your requirements.

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4. Brisksale Wholesale

BriskSale Wholesale is an exceptional website for the sellers. Most of the e-commerce websites in the world charge fees from the sellers. But this website does not charge any fees, any charge from the sellers.

Because of this site like Aliexpress, the product is offered at a much lower price as no type of mediator cost is involved. This place is known for best product selling at a cheap rate.

5. EachBuyer

It is a fantastic website regarding its assets and services. The best part about the site is that this company have its godowns and warehouses in every country from where they ship their products. Because of this reason the product delivery is much faster than the other websites and e-commerce companies. I am a big supporter of this place for the best sites like Aliexpress.

6. EverBuying

EverBuying is a very similar website to EachBuyer. Even if you open it, you will not be able to distinguish between the both. There is not something special about this website which makes it low in the competition. The prices are also not competitive if compared to Aliexpress.

There are only some categories of this site make it a good contender for sites like Aliexpress. In my opinion, EverBuying is a moderate level option for this list of best Aliexpress like sites.

ever buying

7. ChinaBuye

ChinaBuye is also a Chinese E-Commerce company which is very old in this market. The best part about this website is that it offers another separate section all the items priced below $2. You can easily navigate and get the products if you are searching for products at Rock bottom prices.

The prices are highly competitive as compared to Aliexpress. If you are searching for the Aliexpress alternative with low rates, then there are many options on this website for such kind of users.

8.CN Direct

It is another place with the extensive collection of products and things for online shopping at home. The main category of the products this website is known for is the clothing.

It has a massive selection of clothes. It also has a reasonable collection of gadgets which you can go through. But there is nothing about this website that makes it apart from the other ones and gives it a special place.

cn direct

9. NewFrog

The sole thing this website has always been known is large category list and the vast catalog. Newfrog has always been admired for this characteristic. The drawback which is essential for you to remember is that the prices offered on this website of different products are a little bit high.

But the thing which gives us a positive note about this website is that they have a reward system where you can earn points when you buy.


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10. TVC Mall

If you are searching for the alternative of Aliexpress with the best homepage, then it is the alternative that you need to look for. If you talk about the price of different products, then few products are at the cost you would like to give, and few of them are on a higher side. But this list contains better alternative than TVC Mall.

11. Light in the box and Mini in the box

Both these websites are similar to each other. You will face real difficulties while figuring out the difference between the two.

Light in the box site contains mostly the products of the clothing and accessories category where is Mini in the box includes the products mainly related to the gadgets.

Last Word

These are the sites that can match the properties and functionality of aliexpress. There are many more site also exist as the Aliexpress alternatives or sites like Aliexpress with many other services.

But this site list contains the top most web pages. You can share your websites that you used as an Aliexpress alternative in comment box. Please share the article with the people you are connected on social media and other platforms.

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