12 Rainierland Alternative That Working in 2021

Rainierland is a hot topic and everybody is talking about this site’s if and but. So, I researched for sites similar to this source for people to offer some support. If you read this full guide then I thing you obtain a solution for questions based on main site down or what happened with it.

Last couple of months people are talking about it and thing about this website. Reason for it, the popularity of this website among the new and older generation. Rainierland.com was a place to achieve movie streaming in a simple manner. In that time, You can plug the site on your system’s browser and can stream a long chain of filmy data.

However, nowadays there are constraints behind the assessment of rainierland movies. Many folks are asking questions and generating longer threads for the main website on numerous forums and open question-answer portals.

As a tech blogger, various fellas in my circle are reaching to me; if I can give something information to these people. I think In this situation, only my blog is the way to know the depth of the problem and for cover, I will share some websites name to you people.

Rainierland (What is it)

First thing first that the rule I follows when discussing any topic on this platform. People who do not know about rainierland or some guys that desire to read about something exciting it. For all of them, I contain a cluster of the info in my box of data.

This place is a place on the internet where anybody can get the data of free movies without facing any issue. However, this kind of site does not have a long run because of the copyright issues or numerous other problems.

Rainierland is a free movie streaming and downloading site; you can visit  working site using the web address https://rainierland.to/. Rainerland is not a legal and unsafe choice to stream movies. Use Putlockers, Hulu, vumoo, and primewire as alternative sites to watch movies online.

what is rainerland

In the present, admin of this website launched it with an url: www.rainierland.com. This web page is compatible with mobile and desktop, and you can receive the streaming anywhere in the world.

Some people know that it is an upgraded version of the main website rainiertamayo. Similar people also handle it, but it became more popular than its previous webpage.

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The reason behind all these successes is the availability of a vast database of the films and excellent content on your fingertip. All these are the means of the show that we have for a while to live away from the outside world and live in a fictional world.

Is Rainierland Down

Yes, It is down in some specific countries where the administrator’s take their job seriously for content copyright.

I check rainierland.com by using my VPN in numerous states, and it confirmed my statement. This question provides a proper answer for the people who are writing on the forums that this website is not working. As a person, you require to understand the reason behind the circumstances.

I assume you know the reason for down; if not then think from people who are creating these filmy and TV content by putting lots of money behind them.

However, I do not specify some legal regions and other problems that are connecting to the official site.

Is It Safe

People are asking the similar question for sites like kissanime, 123movies, putlockers and many more. These sites are not entirely safe but not harmful to the general user. If you are using an ad blocker or contain an antivirus with your browser, then you are safe from it’s threats.

Mainly people who do not have money to pay to the streaming sites to watch movies and other option, use its pages to pass their time or enjoy it. If you are not one of them, then try paid one because security is a concern for you then.

I can not consider it safe for anybody. In case, please install a paid or free version of any antivirus to secure your data to internet threats. It is easy to get the antivirus on the internet due to numerous choices.

What happened To Rainierland

When will the movies show up without wasting time? This site is currently the option to provide movies, TV shows, and exclusive videos In HD quality. However, due to some reasons many times the site is not able to work correctly, due to which the people start asking for it’s alternatives That I will cover in later part.

Alter to the reason, there is one more prospect behind the down of raineirland site, and that is due to server down of the content. It mainly hosts their content on free libraries or server that are used to put data for a short period.

The third reason behind it’s down is that its owner wants to launch a new version and similar sites or mirrors to divert the traffic from the main page. For example, you can see the raineirland.is the website in replacement of rainerland in many countries or states.

Is It Legal

Next question on ranierland is about the legal terms of the website. This source provides the content through the video server’s like their cloud, rapidgo and similar like of elements.

It is illegal to put the main content of a site to your site, and you can see that shadow on this site, and that is the also a reason for it’s down.

Rainierland Official Site

People are asking this question again and again on movies forums or Quora. Rainierland official site came up with the web address “www.rainierland.com”.

If you see some random URL with the main word as prefix, then I consider them it’s mirror or proxy sites. For example, you can check “rainierland.is” or “rainieirland.pro” or more.

You are going through the same path, and this article keeps the details that can increase your possibility to watch flicks online. It is peoples first choice but when it does not exist on the internet due to various issues and restrictions.

When there are so many sites, the problem increases which is useful and prominent for people. Finding the similar match for official website is hard. Many questions arise in mind as to which place will be the best? Which site will not have an add-on?

This world is filled with numerous kind of people, languages, and pronunciations. At some places, many folks call or write this site with the terms like rainerland or some people say reinerland. If you reach on this article by using names as mentioned above, then you do not need to take any stress because of me, and you both are on the same subway right now.

Best Sites Like Rainierland

However, you need to stay cool and complete the reading of the following article to find the best similar sites. Lots of forum have the suggestion related to the issue of it’s not working. There are numerous choices other than official term that  prefer by geeks to enjoy cinema on online platforms.

Who does not like to follow movies on these alternatives in today’s time? Because there is so much stress in modern people life’s as compared to the old generation. Today, people do not consider outdoor recreation but rather give importance to indoor entertainment.

There are movie similar sites to the official source on the Internet to watch these TV shows, movies, videos, with the help of which we can entertain and see what we want to look.

People have stock to the precise options in the bottle, but in this post, I will notify you about the top prospects with which to solve this problem. So here are these best movie streaming websites Like it:-

1) Putlockers

Website: https://www1.putlockers.co

Putlockers is the uppermost class and similar alternative to Rainierland or main website. This website is viral among modern generation people. If you are a die-hard fan of watching movies, TV shows, videos then putlockers new site is the prime choice for providing all this stuff.

It has the expanded compilation of the media file related to flicks and exclusive shows. This site similar to official (for some people) movies offers HD videos, so people fall in love with this site.


It’s the first version went down, so they created the new version of it which is the bit different from the first one. Therefore, it will be a bit Confusing for you. You can search all kind of movies, TV shows and videos on this online portal and get all data. Put lockers does not have a slideshow running of films and other media files.

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2) Geeker

Website: https://www.geeker.com

Geeker is also the top part inside the alternatives list. This alternative to the main site is a unique webpage filled with incredible video or text content.

Its features are also impressive and very famous among people. The best part is that you can stream full HD movies, TV shows, stream unlimited music, and you can even download eBooks, PDF and more.

Geeker is a membership-based station to view long arrays of films and TV content. Try the free trial for the first month and check that is it suitable or not for you. If this place makes you happy, then you can pay to them and continue your subscription.

When you enter the address of the website in browser box, then a greenish movie platform is staying with titles like library, membership and no commitments. On the platform, a block of rap music, jazz, and hip-hop songs come in the picture for the user.

3) Xmovies8

Website: https://xmovies8.is

There is a trending option on this site which is right for you to know what videos are on the trend list. Xmovies8 has different genres too like horror, thriller, comedy, drama, etc.

One thing is also right here that is you can search a movie by its director’s name, language, writer, Actor, year, country, etc.

After entering to the main home page of xmovies8, a black background page is waiting for you. On the top bar, titles like cinema, popular and movies feel like a more natural way of running through the website. In the right side widget, the trending film is the term that collects a long list of new releases.


Now I am going to update you about the streaming method on xmovies. Please scroll down the page and click on the thumbnail that you choose in your mind to watch the data. Xmovies8 is making more manageable for the newbie to see the TV shows and movies similar to the Rainierland.

4) HubMovie

Website: http://hubmovie.cc

HubMovie is a prominent dilemma in the cover of rainierland alternatives to cut your boring time. It is further particularly widespread amongst the audience who love to watch cinema on digital platforms.

It has the full and free kind of movies and TV shows collection for the people. You can also request a movie or TV shows or some specific episode if they are not uploaded to the site.

This site is user-friendly and uncomplicated to utilize that means you are getting filtering, all kind of genres, sorting out system which makes the browsing even best. This alternative will never let you down regarding entertainment.

the User can get the benefits from login option and search bar.

Means if you use the site with your profile then you can check history and more details related to your last tasks. It is a look a like term for movies and TV shows data.


5) Vumoo

Website: https://vumoo.com

Vumoo is the soundest alternative that I can consider for choices for movie streaming in present time. It is a related video platform like youtube and carries a comprehensive combination of latest and old movies.

It’s interface is perfect, and it is the extremely user-friendly site. This website design is similar to the top site Netflix or rainierland i can say.

Vumoo streaming site is the prime site to watch movies directly on your phone and tablet just like the rainierland mobile. This section provides versatility in the film, and it keeps a vigorous option for each genre and heading.

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6) NewMovies.com

Website: https://newmovies.com

NewMovies is a wonderful choice if you are studying for some entertainment in your life. It will update their site with now running and releasing latest TV and filmy videos.

Regarding video quality, this place only includes HD quality videos and images. Newmovie site design is charming and outspoken for the consumers.

7) WatchFree

Website: https://watchfree.at

Watchfree is known for mainly their TV series related content but from some time admin also focusing on the other aspects of entertainment. Open the url that is given in the heading of this paragraph and then sees the magic of Watchfree website.

Like the stats, the TV shows also classified for USA and UK consumer according to language base. To reach movie section, take a look towards the top war that has subsections with the titles like Hot movies, latest movies, genre, request, Top IMDB and more.

“Request” button is available there for people who keep demand related to unavailable movie and series titles. After scrolling down the home page, the thumbnail of this alternative retains the title, episode name, IMDb rating, and genre information after hovering over the image.

Many forums chose to Watchfree as a term in their listing of sites like rainerland. So, use it for your entertainment stuff and try other choices to get more.

8) Primewire

Website: https://www.primewire.to

An old member of the league of top rainierland alternatives as film sources that are available online. Primewire’s structure and attributes define the last sentence of mine. After connecting to the primewire site, a person can view a blue and classic web page, mainly design by HTML and CSS.

You can sign up with the site, entirely depends on the user’s preferences and requirements with the website. The main page is divided into sections such as featured movies, just added and more. In the menu bar, there are three terms visible with the texts movies, TV shows, let me watch this.


This ranierland alternative is running from the last decades, and most users are addicted to the primewire database and content. To increase user experience, it offers a live chat section with a help guide in the right pane.

9) Movie4k

Website: https://movie4k.is

Movie4k.is is an extra place that is fighting as a alternative to stream cinema in the internet gadgets. Movie4k or movie2k is the name that everybody goes through on the internet. If you still not reach this place then try it as soon as possible.

Because fellas, who love movies or some online TV episodes in ultra HD or 4k quality must go to the movies4k.

They do not directly stream the movie on their website. Every single media file has at least 2-3 working links for streaming it so that you never go out of options.

I consider it for people who are interested in content quality and want that in similar sites to rainierland column. You will find lots of enjoyment from this streaming place in future.

10) Hulu

Website: https://hulu.com

Hulu plus is one of the safest platforms to get HD movies as soon after it’s released. This rainierland alternative is performed an exceptional role on sites like rainierland for people who focus on the legality of the files on the site. It has a far-reaching collection of videos in full HD mode.


It is even the enormous selection of TV shows with their episodes description to give everyone an idea towards the file. Hulu is the very user-friendly site, and its Interface is also serviceable in watching.

11) Watchseriesfree

 Website: https://watchseriesfree.co/ 

 The modish one in the list that ventures with geographical content and index links, Watchseriesfree is my go-to option for binge-watch. 

Watchseriesfree is not a contemporaneous site, nevertheless top-rated amongst watchers. All in my past stays on the website; I have only enlarged ampler experience than the previous visits. Thus, the site really comprehends and provides recommendations through and through.

However, not the most high-grade site in terms of interface and design, Watchseriesfree is a reasonable substitute for rainierland and resembles many qualities. 

As the fortitude and picture quality are supreme on Watchseriesfree, I suppose you’ll like the abundance of content and accessibility to it.

12) Primewire

Website: https://primewire.es/ 

As many argue its comprehensive similarity to Putlocker, I believe Primewire has better things to offer. Primewire is known for its simplistic interface and the crazy stack of video content.

Thus, if you hold a special admiration and often jump into a movie marathon, Primewire will be your new best friend. It is so remarkably formed that I shall presume you will soon sign-up for its content.

Furthermore, it is accessible through different domains; Primewire demands keyword-based results from its viewers. Unlike what you may spy on other platforms, Primewire is rather old-school, enlightening, and the best alternative to ranierland.

Last Words

If you have any issue related to sites like the main resource, new update, then please comment below. Please share this content on social media, so other people will also get this useful information.

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