Top 10 sites like Tutu App 2019

TutuApp is, without a doubt, the most popular app installer released as an alternative to Cydia. It offers tons of apps and games, many of them modified or tweaked with new features, and all of them are entirely free, even the premium app store apps.

However, it doesn’t work for everyone, and you may not find the app or game that you want. Not to worry, though, because there are plenty of alternatives to TutuApp, and you are bound to find something that works for you and offers what you want.

Top 10 TutuApp Alternatives:

There are a lot of alternatives now, and choosing the best one is tough – we did some work for you, and we think that these 10 offer the very best choices if you need a TutuApp alternative. Some are platform-specific, others work on both iOS and Android, and every one of these is also free to use.

AppValley App

AppValley is an excellent alternative, another very popular choice. As well as plenty of iOS apps and games for free, you will also find loads of modified games and tweaked apps, all offering something extra to the stock apps. There are also some Cydia tweaks, including a good choice of game emulators.

AppValley is customizable to your taste, and new content is added regularly, along with updates and security fixes.

ACMarket App – Android Only

ACMarket is the only alternative to the official Play Store for Android users. It looks much like the Play Store, and it contains thousands of apps and games. However, it differs in that everything in ACMarket is free, and there are loads of modified apps and games to choose from too. You also get a couple of game emulators, including the very popular HappyChick emulator. You can download ACMarket app from the link here –

TweakBox App

TweakBox is another incredibly popular alternative to TutuApp. One of the early Cydia alternatives, it remains one of the best, with a ton of cool content. You can download from over 2000 apps, games, tweaks, and more, including games emulators like GBA4iOS. One unique feature of TweakBox is that it offers you a safe way to download Unc0ver jailbreak.

Panda Helper App

PandaHelper is one of the latest Cydia alternatives, and it provides users with a lot of content to choose from. As well as paid apps for free, you get plenty of tweaked and modified apps and games, and some Cydia tweaks too. It receives regular updates, too, with new content added frequently.


A newcomer to the scene, AltStore is one of the unique alternatives – because of how it was built, Apple cannot revoke the app certificates. At the moment, it does limit how many apps you can install using it, and you do require your computer to use it.


Yet another new app installer, TweakDoor, offers a large selection of the most popular modified apps and games. It is updated regularly, and new content is gradually added.

TopStore App

TopStore provides access to lots of different content. There are plenty of apps and games, including a decent choice of modified games and tweaked apps, along with a small selection of Cydia tweaks.

iOS Haven App

Another cool alternative, iOS Haven, offers plenty of popular games, apps, and lots of modified content too. You do need your computer, but you don’t need to install iOS Haven on your iPhone or iPad.

Ignition App

Active since 2017, the Ignition app has recently been updated with a new look. There are loads of apps and games, and a lot of new content has been added; regular updates keep the app store current and full of cool apps.


Last, but by no means least, iPABox is a new release for 2019, and it offers a decent alternative to TutuApp. It offers tons of modified games, tweaked apps, and some jailbreak tweaks too.

There are loads of alternatives, and these are just some of the best on offer today. Be aware, though – although these are Cydia alternatives, they are not replacements and do not offer anywhere near the functionality that Cydia offered.

At best, these are great alternatives to the official app stores, offering loads of cool content and third-party apps that you won’t find in any official source. Many of them also offer paid and premium iOS and Android apps for free – this is a form of piracy and is not something we condone or encourage.

Do try these alternatives to TutuApp. Most of them offer pretty much the same kind of content, although you will find different apps and games in each one – what you ant find in one, you will find in another. They are all free to use and can all easily be deleted if you try them and don’t like them.

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