Six advantages of Youtube to MP4 converters

How often do you stream your favorite music video in a day only to listen to a song that isn’t available on any other free video streaming platform? Streaming the same video again and again can be frustrating when you consider the amount of data you consume every single time. In comes your knight in shining armour: a youtube to mp4 converter. The main benefit of using a youtube to mp4 converter is that the videos can be saved in your laptop, PC or smartphone and be viewed anytime anywhere without using data at all. Such converters support almost all devices that support an mp4 file. Listed below are six advantages of youtube to mp4 converters:

1.  Convenience

Youtube to mp4 converters allows users to convert as many videos as they want and that too absolutely free. Not just from youtube, but users can download videos from a number of platforms that support video sharing and streaming. In addition to that, these software are very convenient as individuals can choose the video quality they want as it ultimately decides the file size, the amount f compression, the resolution and also their choice of format. Additionally, users can choose to download multiple videos at a single time too. Youtube to mp4 converter android version is great for android smartphone users.

2.  Compatibility

Mp4 is generally compatible with almost all devices whatsoever and hence can be viewed on every personal computer, laptop, smartphone and tablet. Additionally, mp4 is the best format to save videos and it doesn’t affect the video quality while maintaining the required quality of the video.

3. Easy to use

Youtube video to mp4 converters are extremely easy to use and are super user friendly. In order to download a video you simply need to copy the link of the youtube video you wish to download and paste it on the youtube to mp4 converter’s website. Next you can simply select the format you want and then click on proceed or convert. Once the video is converted you can simply download and save in your required folder.

4. High Quality

Youtube to mp4 HD converters help you maintain video quality and download HD quality videos as and when you want to. However, if you want you  can intentionally decrease the quality of videos required if you want to save a file of smaller size. Youtube to mp4 720p versions are also available in converters if you want to maintain the video quality at 720p.

5. Save data

When you use a youtube to mp4 converter online, you download any videos that you like. Unlike streaming or loading the same video every time and consuming a lot of data, downloading those videos can save you a lot of data. Additionally, when you are stuck in an area with no or slow internet connectivity, youtube to mp4 converters can be very useful as they save you from boredom in such situations.

6.  Access to Videos

Having access to your favorite videos at all times without the need for data or connectivity surely is a good feeling. By using a youtube to mp4 converter you can easily save as many videos as you wany in you laptop, personal computer or smarphone and watch them at any time you want.

There used  to be a misconception that in order to download videos from youtube you ought to be a computer or technology geek. This could be farther from the truth and the only thing one may need is access to a good youtube to mp4 converter. While making life easy for you, such converters are an extremely handy and easy to use tools that help all your needs. While youtube is generally thought of as an entertainment, in contrary it has a lot more than just entertainment. Youtube is a hub for all types of videos whether they be academic, psychological, social, financial or pure entertainment. Youtube hosts a lot of self help or teaching videos too that allow one to learn about absolutely anything and everything online with the help of just their laptop or phone. If one has access to youtube it is fair to say that they have access to this world.

With the help of such tools, you can easily download such videos and save them in your phone on the go. For instance, if you are a student and have an important quiz based of a Physics lecture that you didn’t pay attention to in class, you can simply search for and download a video on youtube that teaches that concept and learn it on the go.

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